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The Measurement Committee under Harold Medd has been working to clarify and simplify the Sabre Rules of Measurement and Construction. Their aim is to maintain the current Sabre shape and measurement restrictions to ensure that the class continues to be a true one design sailing dinghy. It is anticipated that this will be finalised in mid 2017. Meanwhile, we continue to work to the Rule Changes of February 2014.

Complete set of Sabre Rules and Measurement as at August 2011

Full set of building notes, fit out guide and rules can be obtained from Barry Eastgate, National Secretary. The guide and current rules are always distributed when a new sail number is issued.

National and State Measurers


Ruling provided by the national meaurer in regards to sail number positioning.

Sail Number Measurement

Late last year the National Measurer determined that a particular centreboard case design that had appeared on a total of around 6 Sabres built in 2014 and 2015 was not in accordance with class rules. Owners of the boats were advised to modify their boats and this has involved a simple fix involving teh addition of some packing.Subsequent to then there were some concerns raised about our interpretaion and we elected to obtain an independent opinion. We engaged Andre Blasse to undertake this task. Andre is eminentlky qualified (International & Olympic measurer and YV technical delegate - measurement and is teh world OK president. Andre concluded that the SSAA interpretation regarding centreboard case in GRP Sabres is correct.
Issues of measurement are normally resolved between the owner and or builder and the State or National measurer.  As with most other classes it has not been the custom in the Sabre class to inform all members of all issues with individual boats.  The issue of the extended centrecase did cause some concern in the wider membership although it involved a very few boats and a review of my decision and that of the National Executive by an International and Olympic Measurer was requested.
That opinion is published below and supports the decision made by me and the National Executive.
Harold Medd, National Measurer

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