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Bow chainplate timber

Postby Matt02 on Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:51 pm

Hi all
Just bought a sabre and the bow chainplate had to come out as it was cracked. Had to find the screws under bog and the screws had the heads grinded off.
After pulling out the chainplate there was more bog behind it hiding previous holes and screws.
Im going to clean this area out and want to glue in a new piece of timber.
My question is what sort of timber should i use?
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Re: Bow chainplate timber

Postby JCampbell on Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi Matt, The Building Instructions say to use 300 x 40 x 50 softwood such as oregon for the stem head block. They also say the block can be laminated for extra strength. I expect that you will not want to replace the whole block so it is OK to replace just the bit that is damaged with good timber. An option could be to drill a larger hole and glue in a timber plug that you can screw into if old timber is not to rotten. If you want to get your timber from a well know hard ware store then plugs of Tasmanian Oak but this would be too heavy for the whole block. Hoop Pine and Coachwood are others often used. I think western red cedar is soft for taking screws. Hope this helps.
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