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Gunwale / Rubbing strip on Botterill hull

Postby andrewb on Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:59 pm

Does anyone know which wood is used on the botterill hulls for the gunwale / rubbing strip? It is light coloured - almost pine (though that would be a bit soft for that job).

Also any ideas on preventing the plywood deck going really dark when varnish is applied. When I try to match a small patch near the back of the foredeck the ply went almost black (managed to recover with light sanding & some oxalic acid, luckily). I've never seen ply go so dark. I have tried wiping with white spirit to see what it looks like wet & it still seems much darker than the rest of the deck when dampened. I was trying to use the International Everdure or 2-pack polyurethane as the boat is 2-packed already.

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