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Re: 2 New Moulds Which Plwood boat was used

Postby Youngi-from-YMS on Tue May 20, 2014 4:39 pm

The precedent set by the ruling of the current National Measurer and SSAA is that it doesn't have to come off a ply boat.....just that it must emulate one.

I and much more qualified experts can see no way of accurately being able to quantify or measure this fact and if you cant measure it then you cant say it measures and sign a measurement form off either then..........and so any Sabre from that mould cant gain an "A" certificate as others have suggested on "anyone seen this".

I totally agree with you mr anonomous guestmember that of course I now believe all moulds should come from a ply Sabre like ALL previous builders have done for 31 years of the FRP Sabre. It took a lot of re-reading and research to get to that point but luckily all the experts and other Sabre builders I have spoken with agree.

I am certainly not the only builder that sees it this way as misreported in the measurers meeting minutes. Strangely they chose to report it that way but just hadn't actually asked all of the builders their thoughts. Not one that I spoke to had been asked their opinion......

At least one recent builder has chosen to circumvent this method of taking a Sabre mould from a Plywood Sabre and do what many now see is the wrong thing as by further removing it from mimicking a ply shape by using bogged curves.

instead of this being stopped now and prevented, the SSAA and National Measurer are again rewarding a builder for a blatant abuse of the intent of these rules instead of punishing or stopping it.

In the meantime they are continually trying to make me look like the offender and that I'm the one doing the wrong thing.......... I'm just the messenger.

either way, a precendence has been set by the measurers ruling of allowing bog to reshape moulds and plugs...and therefore any boat. I can now take a mould from anything I like and curve it any way I want as long as it hits the measurement points. You are now legally allowed to change the curves of your Sabre too....as much as you like as long as looks like a Sabre.......... apparently .

But I would only do any changes with plywood timber curves and plugs only as I intend to only ever build legal Sabres......... and hope I don't need to do a different design. That's up to the Sabre members to change your measurers and SSAA decision.

I've made some new decisions as well......Press release to come soon.......keep watching.......

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