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sabre rig queries

Postby Robv on Fri Jun 10, 2005 12:00 pm

hi all, this is rob van elden from gippsland lakes yc at paynesville, new to sabres and having a great time learning. Boat is no. 703, renamed "Pocket Maxi" now on the slip being rejuvenated for next season.
We have the makings of a good fleet here with about 20 boats of which more than 10 are expected to sail regularly next season, which will make us the biggest class.
I have several queries regarding the rig, the first being whether a halyard lock at the top of the mast (a la paper tiger) is permitted, and second what is the allowable purchase on the main downhaul (currently 2:1)
Third, outhaul is 6:1, is this OK? Greatly appreciated Alan Rileys comments and advice and everyone elses on various topics.
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Postby swearly on Fri Jun 10, 2005 3:09 pm

I am working from memory and you can check most of the rules on the site.
1) I believe the haliard lock if used must be on the deck and close to the main bulkhead
2) 2:1 is sufficient for a downhaul but you can have more (or less)
3) 6:1 is good for an outhaul. It was restricted but can remember the meeting where we removed that (In the 70's) as it was seen as a disadvantage to the little guys
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