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?? Facilities at Safety Beach

Postby Slow Hand on Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:25 pm

I have looked at the pics - but I cannot work it out,and I ain't been there since the renos have been done.

Is there a concrete launch ramp in the vicinity of the club? If so,how far away?
Is all the dinghy lauching off the sand?

Help appreciated
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Postby Alan Riley on Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:35 am

Hi Sue,

There is a fenced/secure rigging area on the North side of the club. Lots of grass there and they have their own water so boats can be washed after racing. Boats will be able to be stored there safely locked away each night. From the rigging area there are two wooden ramps down to the beach. The ramps are reasonably steep and a bit slippery when sand gets on them. The beach is quite soft (so you need decent wheels on your beach trolley) but not very wide (not like Brighton Seacliff!). You launch off the beach. You do need to be careful when launching because about 10m from the water's edge are lots of small rocks and stones. The boats float over them at all times, but rudders and centreboards don't like them! In my opinion the biggest issue will be car parking - there is a car park there, but it's a popular place and it fills up quickly!

Hope you have a safe trip down! See you there :wink:

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Postby shwell on Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:20 pm

Hello again,

Alans advice in the previous post is true.

Parking will probably be a hassle at the Nationals. The car park has limited slots, the beach is very popular at that time of year + the Nationals traffic is likely to make parking difficult. A good option would be to drop your stuff off in the court like bowl (No standing signs are there) near the club and park in one of the back streets South East of the clubhouse - there are walk through lanes back to the Esplanade.

The club does have an in-house trailer park off the rigging area but will only accommodate about 20-30 or so. There is also a boat ramp next to the old Coast Guard building that has about 20 car and trailer parks approx 300m South of the club but you'd want to get in early (the early morning fisherman normally take these).

There is also a weather station at the entrance of Martha Cove which gives real time weather data. Clicking on the weather link from www.safetybeachsailingclub.com.au will show this.

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