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How people are getting to hobart for nationals

Postby Ryan on Tue Mar 15, 2005 10:43 am


I live in qld and wanting to do the hobart nationals but still dont know what other people are doing to get down there. The only reasonable thing I thought of doing is catching the Spirit Of Tamania for Sydney to Devonport. If anyone has any other ideas i would like to know how you plant o get there. Apparently the victorian sailors are going to ship the boat in a containor???



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Postby Sabre on Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:49 am

Vic boats are not going by container...we can't get any special deals and it cost prohibitive.
Vic boats are going by Spirit Melb-Devenport which leaves either 9am and arrives 7pm or leaves 9pm and arrives 7am.
It is a 3 hr drive from Devenport to Hobart.
The cheapest way is to go during the day and just book a cruise seat or business class seat (about $13 diff in price).
It will be far cheaper and quicker if you drive to Melb rather than depart from Syd. There is a significant cost penalty if you take a trailor.
Most people put the boat upside down on roof racks...beach dolly on top of the boat (perhaps without wheels). There is a max height of 2.4 metres and you need to specify avehicle length of 6 metres to allow for the mast.
Apparently they are now strictly administering length. If booking online just select standard car but check the "with bike rack or bull bar" and it will change the length to 6 metres.
The cost with this configuration is $96 one way instead of the normal $55.
The cost business class seat, 6m car for 1 person one way is $233.
If you go at night and want a cabin (1,2 bed) you can add approx $200.
I would not leave booking too late.
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Postby Andrew B on Tue Mar 22, 2005 9:30 pm

The above is well sumed up.

We down here in tassie went to the last nationals with 2 boats on a trailer and 1 on the roof top, making our length squeeze in on 9m. We also had a 3 birth cabin over and back because we went of a night.
This cost us just under $1800 over and back as a package.

We are hoping to get some sponsorship money to share around those who make the trip to enjoy what should be a great national championship.

Be sure to book your trip on the spirit ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Andrew B

Postby Ryan on Wed Mar 23, 2005 3:57 pm

Hi all

Thanks for your replys. Since i posted the forum i found out if i split the fare between 4 boats (3 on trailor and 1 on roof) will be about $200 each way if we went through the day. Still thinking of other ideas...may sail over would be he best idea!

Any other ideas would be appreciated


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