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Amendment to NSW State Sabre Titles 2004/2005

Postby shane Navin on Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:02 pm


Heat 2 and 3 in Canberra are now:

27th and 28th Nov, not the week earlier as noted on a previous post.

Shane Navin
Sailing Secretary SSANSW.
shane Navin
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Postby fitzwarryne on Fri Nov 26, 2004 4:50 am

Was hoping to race a Sabre this weekend at Cangerra. Unfortunately I have been left to be Race Officer as the YMCA SC could not get one from the cat classes who are on duty- I ran the ACT cat championship when the dinghy classes were on duty!

The question is which of the 6 races in the ACT championship do you want to be the two heats of the NSW Sabre championship? You will be starting in Div 1 for dinghies over 111 YC yardstick. I will give you seperate Sabre race result sheets for your two heats besides the general division results.

For your information the morning heats will be long races with a triangle course, but lighter winds. The afternoon races are two shorer windward leeward courses.

Some options are get your results from
1. the overall results for the six races and double the score;
2. treating each day as as a seperate heat, your heat result is based on the 3 race results; or
3. selecting one race a day as your heat.

I have had similar arrangements in the past when Lasers, Tasers and Spirals have had the ACT championship as a NSW heat. At one stage it was always the afternoon race, but the recent trend is to have two shorter races back to back.

As Race Officer I can give you any result you want!

Just let me know when you sign on.

regards Paul Fitzwarryne
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