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Lake Cootharaba 2007 Monomasters is on 1-2 Dec 2007

Postby Slow Hand on Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:56 am


This event is a dedicated regatta for 'monohull boats' (Lake Coothraba SC hold a separate multihull regatta). It is open to all ages.

Here is the weblink to the club and details of the event ... http://www.lcsc.org.au/mam/index.php?Itemid=72

There will be at least three Sabres racing (Go-Anna, Bluetooth & Winnie the Pooh), so come along and have some fun.

Lake Cootharaba is just north of Noosa. The LCSC website has details about accommodation, note that the council camping ground has frontage to the lake.

C u at the lake.
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