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Sugarloaf - Victorian Winter Series

Postby GuestMember on Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:17 pm

Victoria's dry spell continues. While Melbourne's water storage levels have dropped below 30% of capacity, at Sugarloaf we are still sailing on water that is deeper than Port Phillip Bay.

While the water is deep, the shoreline has reteated which means that some care is required to launch the racing fleet. With 5 races sailed in the Sugarloaf Winter series 12 sabres have competed with 10 completing enough races to be on the series result sheet.

The Victorian Sabre Association's Winter Series travels to Sugarloaf on 15 June. Two races are scheduled with the first starting at 1.30pm.

For those making the trip to Sugarloaf (which is less than an hour from Melbourne CBD) a couple of points
* the Club is operating from an alternate shoreline base - enter via the normal entrance (from Ridge Road), then follow the signs down Ashmore's Road to the shore
* the "low level" beach at Ashmore's road does not have the luxuries that we enjoy at our normal launch area - if it has been raining then we are limited to launching off the road itself (the adjoining shoreline gets a bit slippery) - this becomes a bit like launching at Black Rock when only a couple of boats can be launched at a time!
* There is some mud at the shoreline - a lovely fine fine mud that we have considered promoting as some sort of beauty therapy!
* If there are a lot of boats it can become congested - the Club has decided that race starts will be held off until all boats are on the water and are ready to go
* After racing we retreat to our beach shelter, sit around the pot belly stove, enjoy lovely home made soup (& a few beers) and recount the highlights (and any lowlights) of the afternoon.

So, come on out on Sunday 15 June, kick back and enjoy some fine sailing on the waters of Sugarloaf.

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