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Wanted: Trailer for Sabre

Postby agruskin on Thu May 25, 2006 9:54 pm

I am looking for a road trailer suitable for a Sabre. I currently have an aluminium beach trolley, but will change that if required to suit a road trailer.

Alternatively, I'd appreciate any suggestions where to get a reasonably priced trailer.


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Postby GuestMember on Mon May 29, 2006 1:42 pm

Andrew you have a few choices.

1) Oviously buying a new one. Which of course can be expensive. McKay make a nice one

2) Trying to locate a second hand sabre trailer which can be hard as they seem to be like hens teeth

3) Look at the laser adds in the trading post.

Often lasers go quite cheaply if they are old, and there are a lot advertised at the same time.

If they have a trailor with the package, ask if they will seperate for a price. Otften they will if they have hard no calls and want some money back for their add.

Normally needs very little to conversion to fit a sabre dinghy.

4) Buy a second hand box trailor from the trading post. Large size ones will easilt fit a sabre balanced on the top with a bit of padding on the edges. There are a large number of box trailors always available in the trading post for various prices and sizes.

5) Put it on your roof racks with planks of wood to expand the width.

Think there is an message posted previously about this process.

This has been used commonly by victorian sabre sailors to transport their boats to Tassie for a number of years. Cuts down your driving speed to between 60 and 80 but seems to work fine.

Cant think of any more, but hope this helps.
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