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Postby Mike Simpson on Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:23 pm

Notice to Members and State Committees


Since the AGM, a number of suggestions for discussion within the various States have been raised, with formal decisions to be taken at a Special General Meeting. The meeting date will be advised after time for discussion and firming up motions.

State associations are invited to raise other issues for discussion or variations on those items listed below. Individual members are requested to bring items up via state committees.

The following proposals have been raised by a number of members and are not necessarily supported by any state association.

1. Title dates/timing:
A later start would allow for family Xmas commitments and a shorter overall period to keep accommodation bookings at seven days/nights, as motels, camp parks, etc. seem to dislike short extensions which they say interferes with following bookings. Alternatively, an occasional quantum shift to a later date (late January, Easter, etc) might be favoured by some.
(Raised by Barry Eastgate)

2. Number of races to constitute a National Titles event.
(Raised by Peter Leader - refer following submission from Peter)

3. Title starts to be standard fleet starts (Not gate or any other style)
(Raised by Peter Leader - refer following submission from Peter)

4. Sailing Instructions
National body to develop a standard set of Sailing Instructions for major events using ISAF model as basis.

5. Reviewing maximum wind speed for Sabre events. (currently 22 knots)

6. All boats to be weighed, sails and fins measured before competition.
(Raised by Peter Leader - refer following submission from Peter)
Comment: Most states offer a number of measurement days early in the season where sails and fins are measured for compliance and marked. Weighing of hulls is not so common but it is suggested that winning boats could be weighed at the end of the series.

7. Plastic mast plugs
These are not presently permitted but other materials could be permitted with approval of the National Measurer. This needs to be carried into the Rules and Building Guide to ensure wide knowledge of approval.
(Raised by Phillip Johnson)

Mike Simpson
Secretary, SSAA

The following discussion was submitted by the new national president, Peter Leader

At the Sabre Nationals AGM held at the Bellerive Yacht Club on 02/01/2010, all states (except WA who were not represented and who have only just joint the Australian Sabre Association) strongly requested the following

Re the proposed motion for next years Sabre AGM re gate starts not being used at Sabre Nationals - the rationale behind this included:

· Gate starts have not been used at any other Sabre National venue - they are just not a feature of the class.

· Gate starts are not used at Olympic level, and rarely used in other National / International classes. First introduced in the 70s, they came about at a time before the introduction of the T and Black flags. Together, these flags have given race committees far more options re the control of fleets at starts.

· Not having normal lines starts takes away one of the great features of the Championship, being the opportunity to experience being part of large start lines; with all of the tactical considerations and experiences to be gained from such a start.

· Few of our competitors are familiar with gate starts, and it gives quite an advantage to those few that has the prior experience.

· Race committees have not had problems with Sabre starts with fleet sizes up to 100 boats - From information received this point is not completely accurate as protests have been lodged against the committee in the past and won but are rare. assuming normal 5 degree pin end bias is introduced; and early moves to code flag I and Black flag after a first General Recall.

· Gates starts are very problematic for competitors in that the “penalty” for a poor start is much greater. Unlike a traditional start, one doesn’t have the option in the final 15 or 30 seconds to “bail out” and and find a different place on the line if boxed in.

· With gate starts you have less flexibility, and in the event that one ends up not starting cleanly, one’s escape options are highly limited, as tacking onto port will leave you being blanked by those boats starting later than you.

· The general feeling around the boat park 2 years ago after they were used was that the gate starts were not popular with competitors.

They also stated that everything SA did for their competitors was just perfect, from the wet bar & club to the beaches and sailing area to the caravan park next door.

It is important that we try and standardise these very important issues once and for all, by doing so we the Sabre Class will show a much more united front, true professionalism, more recognition and support. Most importantly, more boat numbers at all titles: the word will spread, if it hasn’t already, as numbers in each state, from my understanding, are growing all the time.

As we found at the Sabre Nationals in Tasmania just gone, sailed at Bellerive on the Derwent River, Matt Westland, Chris & Lynn Keil, Andrew Bradshaw and their supporter bases from Lindisfarne and Midway Point all together combined to make their own titles a truly unique and very special one; both on and of the water (as the sailing conditions were very trying at times) as they all could not do enough for you. Special thanks goes to Matt and Chris for the big effort that they have put in over the past 12 months to make the event such a sound affair!
Standardising the number of heats we sail at each Nationals to accommodate both the young and old also seriously needs to be put on the table for improvement for all concerned, as this could/ would also improve more consistent participation!

Also as all states would most probably agree measuring at National Titles the minimum requirement should be:
Weigh all boats.
Measure Sail.
Measure all foils.

Anything else can be done on a needs basis of what both the National and state concerned running the Titles, they believe are relevant at the time by appeasing the masses the class can only further grow.

What do you believe?
Mike Simpson
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