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Postby peter reid on Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:18 am

Hi -Peter Reid here- Am excited about my appointment as class rep for the Sabres at Black Rock- being my job to liase between you the rock sabre sailers and Roger Blasse the clubs Sailing Captain
Also to invite any sabre sailors whose club is not yet under full steam to race with us on any saturday- we do not race until 2pm but its best to get there before 12 because there are only limited car park spaces which we share with the fishermen and the members of the lifesaving club
peter reid
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Postby peter reid on Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:01 pm

David Wood and i (Peter Reid) as sabre class reps at the Rock have been asked to submit sabre sailors names for duty- at this point in time no dates for duty have been set but of the five groups we have asked that only 2 be assigned to pre Christmas sailing and we have done our best to exclude from duty from the first 2 days those we know attending the national titles in South aUSTRALIA ( EXCEPT for our illustrious national measurer who has asked to be posted on duty to gain race managment experience) - please also note that although only my name appears as class rep for sabres for David and i it is very much a team effort- At the time of submitting the list it was not practicable to contact all those listed to enquire their availability so it is up to sabre sailors who are unavailable to swap with other sailors- this list may also be incomplete as we may have some new members of our fleet- personally speaking from rescue boat duty for some reason i always seem to sail well the first week or two after doing duty- i guess you get to avoid the errors you have enjoyed watching all the racing sabres making ( ha ha) but i'm not sure about that

OOD Starter Rescue Crews
DAY 1 J Lamble P.Johnson V.Dacy D.Newington T Clark A.Pendrich
DAY 2 J Dick B.EastgateP.JohnsonP.Fraser M.Weston M.Webb
DAY 3 D Bennet F.McCulloch A.Parkinson C.Dance R.Rooney M.Early
DAY 4 S. Early D.Wood P.Reid G. Abbot S. Douglas P.Young
DAY 5 R MacCauleyJ Dixon M.Neeson G Borgero A Morrison
peter reid
Posts: 64
Joined: Sun Jun 27, 2004 1:16 pm
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