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- OVERWHELMMED- South Australian Masters Games

Postby peter reid on Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:32 pm

Just checked out the entries for the Masters Games in Adelaide- wondering if i have wasted my money- of the 16 sabres entered mine is the 3rd oldest- this must be the most expensive sabre fleet ever launched with what seems like half the sabres less than 12 moths old- oh well atleast i will get to enjoy the pictureque adelaide hills as sailing wise i only expect to be making up the numbers
peter reid
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Positive racing...

Postby Chriso on Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:35 pm

Hey Peter...

You know all this anyway but....

The only thing a new boat may have over you is a bit more hull stiffness. They're not going to be any lighter !!

If you can pick and get to that wind shift first it will not matter how old your boat is. Grab a copy of something like North U racing Tactics... its about 1% the cost of a new boat and is the 'bible' of fleet racing. Every one makes mistakes and if you can minimise yours and put yourself in a position to capitalise on others you will still be moving towards the front of the fleet by a process of elimination.

Just never give up :evil:
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Postby peter reid on Wed Oct 17, 2007 10:03 pm

Hi Chriso- the masters games was a really enjoyable regatta- it seems the locals had really been practicing hard before the regatta- and it took me a few races before i started to sail well
As to what advantage their new boats had is hard to say but to generalize i think the guys who finished ahead of me really did sail well and for that i would congratulate them
what really did surprise me is how well i did sail in the light and fluky day which occurred for races 3 and 4 where i placed as well as i had in the windy races -what really helped me was staying on the waves while running-the courses were trapezoid with lots of running and very little reaching- unfortunately proper results are still not available so i can only pass on memories from presentation night where i consumed a variety of barossa and mc claren vale products- but John Gratton , David Wood and Dean Francis got the gold silver and bronze for the regatta and i was happy with a silver for my age group- David Wood won gold in his age group with John Dick getting bronze ( John had to return home early for family reasons which also meant that Doug Bennet also withdrew.
I found the South Australians to be great hosts and as the Adelaide Sailing Club does not have Sabres there was no real home ground advantage- Neverthe less they were very competitive so i can assure all victorians planning a trip to Brighton Seacliff for the Nationals some really competitive sailing at every level of sailing ability- As for me i have had my trip to adelaide which i thouroughly enjoyed
peter reid
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Postby peter reid on Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:01 pm

apologies- complete results of the Masters Games are on the adelaide sailing club website- but there are no age group results as to who won each age group division
peter reid
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