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Alan Rileys article

Postby salty dog on Tue Mar 01, 2005 12:45 pm

A good article using common sense. Only comment is on tacking - be careful of rule 42.3(a). You don't want to be nailed for accelerating out of a tack :shock:
salty dog

Postby fitzwarryne on Wed Mar 02, 2005 7:01 pm

Under Rule 42.3 you can accelerate out of of a tack.

Rule 42.3[a] clearly lets you use rolling the boat as a method of steering.

Acceleration is part of roll tacking. You roll to windward as the boat starts slowing down as it approaches head to wind. The second roll to bring the boat upright and sheeting in the sail causes the acceleration by increasing the speed of wind flow across the sail.

The restriction under 42.3[b] is the speed out of the tack is no greater than your speed if you had not tacked. In practical terms this is only an issue in light winds when boat speed is below theoritical displacement hull speed. This is a secondary reason why the first phase of roll tacking is to foot, say 5 degrees, to pick up speed. It is then more difficult to prove a breach of the rule.

I fully agree with Salty Dog that Alan's article is excellent. If we all read it and implement his advice he will have real competition next time!
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