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sabre training days 7-8 october black rock

Postby peter reid on Tue Oct 03, 2006 5:33 pm

am looking forward to attending -but am more interested in general discussion from experienced sailors from sailing in regattas
i think that if people start telling me my mainsheet is too long or too short-or i should have a cleat for my halyard rather than a halyard lock this is simply going to annoy
or to put it another way the type of information that is going to be of interest to a new sabre sailor is going to be totally different from someone who has been floating around triangles for years
but that does not mean that there is not something new to learn-one of the most enjoyable aspects of sabre sailing is the beer after in the bar where sailors share their experiences-what they were thinking about during the race and how they reacted
i think a group such as a training day allows all people to share these discussions that normally follow a race-sometimes to hear that the other sailors were as confused as you as to what the wind was doing is somewhat reassuring
peter reid
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