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Buying a 2nd hand Sabre

Postby sydneysabre on Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:12 pm

I will be in Victoria between Christmas and new Year and whilst there plan to buy Sabre in the $3-4k price range. There are a few on the website to look at, what are the issues that can befall a Sabre as they age? For example, do they have problems around the centreboard cases or mast steps? Are there particular parts of the hull that suffer from stress fractures?
If those experienced in the class could let me know I would be grateful.
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Re: Buying a 2nd hand Sabre

Postby harold on Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:36 pm

Sorry you didn't get a reply. Must check the forum more often.
Sabres are tough little boats and don't have a lot of problems if looked after with a bit of care.
The worst problem is any form of rot in the ply. This is most likely to occur in the flat parts of the hull where water may have been left lying for a while. The ply should have some resonance when tapped if it is in good condition. I've not seen that problem very often. Another problem is the glass tape separating from the hull along the inside of the cockpit. This shows up as white patches where there is air behind the tape. Its fixable but means a bit of work.
Cracks in the decking to the side tanks are quite common particularly where the helm sits. This is not a disaster as it can be fixed with a light layer of fibreglass or just sanded and varnished. Avoid a boat which has any of the joints opening up.
Ideally you should get a boat which has had a glass skin put over the water contact area of the hull.
Check that the mast is sealed as required by measurement. Older masts often leak at the fittings or are perforated and it makes righting after a capsize very difficult for lighter weight sailors.
I hope this info is too late and that you got a good Sabre. Let me know if you are still looking. The info might be of use to someone else.
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