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sponsorship allowed??

Postby GuestMember on Thu May 14, 2009 11:03 am

Hey all,

just wondering if your allowed sponsors for your sabre, if so, what are the rules surrounding it?? is there a certain rule on where on the sail the logos must go??

Any help greatful


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Postby Mike Simpson on Sun May 24, 2009 10:49 pm

Sabres are generally covered under ISAF Category A advertising by reference in sailing instructions.

This category is quite restrictive and does not allow much advertising to be carried.

Sail numbers and logos must conform to the rules (see below).


8.1 General

a. The sail shall be made from woven polyester sailcloth material with a minimum weight of 130 grams per square metre and constructed in accordance with these rules. The sail shall be generally white with a red panel at the top as detailed in Rule 8.2(a).

b. The class insignia shall be red and conform to the design approved by the SSAA. It shall be positioned back to back on both sides of the sail, below the colour panel, and in the middle of the area bounded by the luff, leech and both full-length battens.

c. Sail numbers shall be red, comply with ISAF Rules, (i.e. sans serif upright Arabic font, minimum size 300mm high x 200mm wide (except for the figure 1) x 40mm thick) and be fixed on both sides of the sail and vertically offset so that the upper numbers are on the starboard side. Numbers that have identical reverse images may be fixed back to back. Numbers shall be positioned below the insignia, in the middle of the area bounded by the luff, leech and lower full batten and upper short batten.

d. Measurements shall be taken with the sail in a dry state, spread on a flat surface and under sufficient tension to remove wrinkles along the lines being measured. Sails must not exceed the maximum dimensions whether new or used.

e. Bolt ropes may be elasticised and shall be included in dimensions [other than at the sail peak - see Rule 8.2(d)] or measurement lines and, where corner points have been trimmed, measurements shall be taken from the intersection of the continuation of the two edges.

f. The measurer shall identify with waterproof ink each sail that conforms to the rules.

8.2 Details

a. The colour panel shall fill all of the area above the top of the upper batten and the foot of the colour panel shall be parallel to the top batten.

b. The sail shall have four batten pockets equally spaced (subject to the tolerance specified) along the line of leech measurement. Battens shall be parallel to each other and square to the line of the leech measurement (See Rule 8.2(e) below). The upper two batten pockets shall extend to the luff and the lower two shall be for leech battens not more than 610mm long.

c. Deleted – Replaced by Rule 8.2 (h)

d. The upper edge of the headboard shall be finished perpendicular to the luff and of length no greater than 102mm measured at right angles to the mast from aft edge of boltrope to the furthermost point of hard material.

e. The leech measurement shall be taken in a straight line from the peak corner (at the luff) to the clew corner.

f. The half height point on the leech shall be determined by folding the peak corner (at the luff) to the clew corner then smoothing the fold thus formed. The three-quarter height point on the leech shall be determined by further folding the peak corner to the half-height point and smoothing out the fold thus formed. Girth measurements shall be taken at the half and three-quarter heights by striking an arc from the leech measurement point determined as above, to the nearest point of the luff (over the bolt rope).

g. A window of 774 square centimetres maximum area may be fitted to the sail. Additional telltale windows may be fitted. Window positions are optional but no window may be located closer than 150mm to any edge of the sail.

h. The leech of the sail shall lie inside a fair curve formed by a uniform 20mm square wooden batten bent through the following measurement points;
· Aft edge of the headboard
· Three-quarter height measurement point
· Half height measurement point
· Clew

8.3 Sail Measurements

Reference: ISAF/YA Rule Book for definitions

Luff: between black bands (on mast) 4673 mm max.

Foot: black band from aft edge of full mast section 1981 mm max.

Leech: straight line from head to clew 5029 mm max.

Head to centre of foot of sail 4927 mm max.

Three quarter girth incl. bolt rope 815 mm. Max.

Half girth incl. boltrope 1410 mm max.

Headboard, outstand at top of sail measured at right angles to mast 102mm max. from aft edge of bolt rope to furthermost point of hard material (Rule 8.2.d).

Sail area. 6.3172 sq.m. max.

Battens, 4 off, pockets for which shall be square to the leech measurement line and divide that line into five equal parts (within 51mm of true position) (Rule 8.2.e).

The top two battens shall extend from luff to leech.

The lower two battens may not exceed 610 mm in length.

Sail shall be of loose foot construction.

Sail cloth. Shall be woven polyester sailcloth having a minimum weight of 130 grams per square metre and be white with a red coloured cloth peak as in Rule 8.2(a).

The class insignia to be of red cloth stitched or adhered onto sail as in Rule 8.2(b).

Sail numbers shall be red as in Rule 8.1(c).

Window (Optional). Maximum area 774 square centimetres as in Rule 8.2(g).

The half height point shall be found by folding the head to the clew as in Rule 8.2(f).

The three-quarter girth point shall be found by folding the head to the half height point at the leech.

The half and three-quarter girth measurements shall be taken by swinging an arc from the relevant measurement point on the leech to the nearest point on the luff (including the bolt rope).

A Cunningham eye above the tack cringle is not allowed; the only method of tensioning the luff of the sail shall be by means of a purchase applied to the tack cringle of the sail.

Other insignia, letters or numbers on sails are not allowed except for Club requirements and/or a sail maker’s mark in compliance with ISAF rules.
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Postby GuestMember on Tue May 26, 2009 9:38 am

thanks mike,
i really only needed to read the last sentence but thanks,
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