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Refitting issues...

Postby hugh386 on Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:25 am

Hi guys, thanks for all the helpful info here: it's been really useful so far.

Having (finally) finished restoring 386, and almost entirely refitted the hull, I've discovered I'm missing a few fairly vital parts.

First and foremost, i need to find a rudder box retaining clip: swimming after the rudder and rudder box when you bottle it is no fun! I was wondering where everyone is sourcing theirs from, or whether the home-made option is best.
Next problem is that I have a cleat and shackle on a pivot (mounted in the centre of the beam at the rear of the centreboard case) that are unaccounted for. I presume this is for a traveller limiter :?: : again, i'm looking for any hints / tips as to the best systems and tricks.
The other interesting thing is the halyard cleat: the jam cleat on the foredeck is looking pretty worn: when the downhaul gets cranked on, the halyard slips out of the cleat and down the sail comes... is it better to use a new jam cleat, or replace it with a cam cleat?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help.
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Rigging Queries

Postby Mike Simpson on Wed Apr 27, 2005 6:12 pm

I've been a bit out of touch with Sabres for a few years but intend getting back and have secured a decent old boat as an interim ride while waiting for Phil Johnson to get around to building me a hull - plywood supplies and other orders permitting!

But I'll help if I can!

The rudder box retaining clip (the springy bit of SS screwed to the transom and bent out a bit to clip the rudder in place via the bottom gudgeon) has been illegal for some time and should be replaced with a split ring or "p" clip thru a hole in either pintle.

My last Sabre had a flat mounted (sideways) "Clam" cleat screwed on the underside of the thwart to allow adjustment of the mainsheet bridle. It was plastic but seemed to work OK with the size and type of cord on the bridle.

I have found the the "Clamcleat" Alloy Junior Mk2 was OK for the main halyard (the one on my boat was the one with the open side that allowed you to take the halyard out of the cleat and run it directly thru the sheavebox at the base of the mast - but I don't think that matters much and I don't know that the opensided one is available any more.

As for the shackle on the pivot, I can't envisage how this fits in the overall scheme of things!

Good luck!

Mike Simpson

RE: rigging queries

Postby hugh386 on Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:10 pm

Thanks Mike, as far as I can gather this particular boat (386 formerly of Port Arlington) hasn't been competitively sailed for a long while, hence the stainless steel retaining clip for the rudder box.

I've replaced the v-cleat with a new one (because it seemed logical to use the holes that were already in the foredeck), and it seems to hold the halyard alright (the other one had some tooth wear patches that seem to indicate it was a few seasons past it's use-by).

As for the other quirks in the setup (particularly this shackle on a pivot), i'm open to all suggestions, otherwise I'll see if i can get down to Blairgowrie in the next week or two to check out the setup on the remaining Sabres there.

Thanks again guys,
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