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Centreboard position

Postby Eliza C on Mon Aug 28, 2006 7:46 pm

Can someone please describe how the centre board position effects the boat. ie If it is moved forward or back in the centrecase.

Hypothetically, if the boat is well balance with the correct amount of helm and I move both the mast step postion and centreboard forward the same distance - will the boat still be balanced or how will it perform differently.

Should I be moving the centreboard forward and back for different wind strengths?

Eliza C
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Centre board position

Postby matt westland on Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:33 pm

Hi Eliza,
I'm not an expert but will have a go.
Moving the board foward will give you more weather helm.
Moving the board aft will give you more lee helm.

If you move both mast and board together in the same direction the boat will still be balanced......except if you start to move them a significant distance. This is because the hull itself provides some lateral resistance which is combined with the c/board to give the total lateral resistance.

My experience with dinghies suggests sliding the c/board foward in light winds helps give a little more weather helm to make the boat climb upwind.
In heavy air move it back to minimise the excessive weather helm which occurs when the front part of the sail is luffing.
But then again I'm new to Sabres and others may know better.
matt westland
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