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Gotchas for a 2nd hand sabre?

Postby blubrick on Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:40 pm

G'day all,

I have the opportunity to purchase Sabre #475 (wooden hull). I believe this is a fairly old boat, and as such could reasonably be expected to show significant signs of wear and tear.

I think I have a reasonably good general idea of what to look for, but if there is anything specific to Sabres, I would really apreciate any pointers that anyone could give me. Actually, all advice would be welcome - not just Sabre-specific stuff.

I've been absent from sailing for quite a while and it looks like a Sabre might be just the ticket for my re-introduction.

Matt L.

Postby peter reid on Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:27 am

Hi Matt-an old sabre may not necessarily be trashed because it is old-it all depends how much work it has done and how well it has been maintained by its several owners-usually the mast would be showing some signs of corrosion if it is original- i think the most common faults are that sabres tend to add weight with age and loose their stiffness on the floor of the hull- i am not sure whether the loss of stiffness is something that just naturally occurs or is a result of bouncing around on rough seas-also sabre shapes have progressed alot since 475 was bult so it would not have the streamlined shape that sabres gradually became somewhere after 1300-but having said that if all you want is something to have fun in-then so long as the paint is maintained there is no reason why it would not sail round the bouys for a few more seasons
peter reid
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