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How many Nationals

Postby swearly on Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:40 am

Following discussion at the last nationals it would be interesting to see who has been at the most nationals. I have done my count and have sailed 12 national titles (including the 2nd ever). I have also attended another 4 supporting the kids (one I was also injured at). So lets see who can beat that record.
Stephen Early
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competed nationals

Postby peter reid on Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:23 am

hi steve- i have done the following nationals cleveland 2006,eden 2004,blairgowrie 2003,brighton 2002,cleveland 2001,toukley 1999, black rock 1998, largs bay 1997,brighton 1992,kingston (tas) 1991, lake boga 1990. rye 1989,largs bay 1988, lindisfarne 1987 and gippsland 1986- John Gratton from brighton has completed many but i do not know anybody who was doing nationals before me and is still doing them thanks peter ( the gap between 97 and 92 was when i really got into triathlon hey but then i rekoned that sabres were more fun
peter reid
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How Many Nationals

Postby shane Navin on Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:18 pm

Cannot beat you two but proud to say I have done 12 Nationals:

Lake Boga 1990
Brighton & Seacliff 1992
Speers Point 1993
Gippsland 1994
Runnaway Bay 1996
Largs Bay 1997
Toulkey 1999
Cleveland 2001
Brighton & Seacliff 2002
Blairgowrie 2003
Twofold Bay 2004
Cleveland 2006

Shane Navin
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shane Navin
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Postby peter reid on Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:50 am

yeah while i guess i was really pleased to get second in the grand masters which was easily the largest division with around 17 entrants especially when i was generally disappointed with my own sailing never really mastering the conflict between the shifts and the current - it was also interesting to listen to phil briggs comment how sailing is such a great thing or was -where you have sailing you dont have drugs etc -but even he must be wondering where sailing is going with the majority of sailors in the regatta having passed their 45 birthday and where you only had to enter the regatta to win first prize in the junior division-i wonder whether the owners of microsoft will look back one day and say if only those kids had stayed at their computers we would not have drug problems-ha ha you figure it out
peter reid
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Postby Mike Simpson on Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:13 pm

I can't claim to have sailed many Nats but the two I have sailed are well separated..

First: Gippsland 1986

Next: Cleveland 2006

Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson
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Postby swearly on Thu Jan 11, 2007 8:54 pm

Well I guess I best list my Nationals as others have:
Lake Wallagoot NSW -1979
Lindisfarne Tas - 1995
Runaway Bay Qld -1996
Largs Bay SA - 1997
Black Rock Vic - 1998
Toukley NSW - 1999
Lindisfarne Tas - 2000
Cleveland Qld - 2001
Brighton-Seacliffe SA - 2002
Twofold Bay NSW - 2004
Lindisfarne Tas - 2005
Cleveland Qld - 2006

Others I have attended but not sailed in are:
Lake Boga Vic - 1990
Brighton-Seacliffe SA - 1992
Gippsland Lakes Vic - 1994
Blairgowrie Vic - 2003

That means that I have attended every Nationals since 1994 and only missed 2 since 1990 - as well as I trhink the only person who sailed the 1979 Lake Wallagoot titles to still be sailing sabres - but as they say - When on a good thing stick to it

Stephen Early
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