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Info on transom plates

Postby Guest on Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:19 pm

I am Greg Dalton Water Activities Leader for 2nd Mornington Sea Scouts in Mornington Vic. Several years ago the group had an old Sabre sail number 294. I took this boat home to start restoration work on the boat. During the process of removing several layers of various types of paint I came across a small plaque on the transom, which had Sabre and the boats sail number there is some other markings but it is difficult to read. I have not seen this before and am interested in the reason for this plaque.
The restoration went fine until I took the boat to a friend’s house for assistance in resealing the joins etc. During the process he went through a marriage breakdown and his ex wife attacked the boat with an axe putting four holes into the foredeck and one inside the cockpit. From there it went onto another member of the group’s house who planned to continue working on the boat. After two years of sitting in their back yard I got a call to remove the boat. During that time it was exposed ply wood sitting exposed to the elements of Mornington Peninsula.
It has now been sitting in my garage for over 12 months, I have removed the foredeck and luckily during its axe attack no structural damage was done to any of the frames only to the foredeck itself. In short I have reached the level that I can do no more to the boat, and if any interested Sabre sailor is interested in taking the boat of my hands, especially with this transom plaque or give advise on where to go to now. I can be contacted on gjdalton@netspace.net.au.
Thanks in advance

Greg Dalton
Water Activities Leader
2nd Mornington Sea Scouts.

Postby fitzwarryne on Thu Jan 27, 2005 3:29 pm

I fully know the prublem of donated boats to the sea scouts. Some years ago, in our innocence we put an advertisement in the local paper asking for any donated boat to be dropped at the scout hut on a Saturday morning. Tewnty three turned up! It was easier for people to drop them there than the rubbish tip. After wild plans to restore most of them reality struck and we kept five.

Based on that experience I recommend you remove all the useable parts and have a bonfire with the rest. The plaque has np value.

Good luck.
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Sabre 294

Postby Greg Dalton on Sun Feb 06, 2005 10:15 pm

Just to let all who contacted me regarding this boat, it has now gone to a person who has the time and experience to restore the boat. Thank you to all the offers to take Sabre 294.

Greg Dalton
Greg Dalton

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