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Aussie Nationals

Postby swearly on Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:02 pm

Hi all
Having got home in one piece and now with the pictures Maree took of the invitation race I can now relax and think about what I need to do for next year assuming I go to Adelaide and having atten attended 19 of the past nationals starting in 1979 (yes 30 years ago) and sailed in 15 of them I need to sail one more to get to 50% of all nationals sailed. On a more important note can I congratulate the Tassy team who put together the Nationals. At presentation the number of 1st time sailors at a Sabre event were supprised and pleased by the attitude of all who attended and certainly attend again were many. I have the photos from Marree and after fighting with You Tube (It did not like my sound tracks - something about copyright) I have posted 4 videos of the photos. These are I think at

or search for Sabre Nationals. There are almost 4oo pictures and this was the easiest way to post them. Sorry about the sound tracks but the ones I wanted were banned and the vidos went down. I will check tomorrow all is ok ad by then they should be in high definition. I hope you enjoy them - it was a rush job (as I am lazy).
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