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Postby Lance on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:00 pm

Hi was wondering if anyone has used Aquacote, water based 2 pack polyurethane? Or is there a recomended/proven product for re-varnishing a timber deck? Im led to beleive that the current varnish on the boat is 2 pack

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Postby petro on Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:19 am


I used BoteCote Aquacote when I replaced the side decks on my Sabre about 18 months ago.

As the old decking was a white pine finish and the foredeck was still quite sound, I was looking for a water-based polyurethane that would not yellow the replacement hoop pine ply as many solvent based finishes do.

After discussions with BoteCote, I coated the new side decks with two coats of their epoxy resin, followed by three coats of their Aquacote brushed on wet on a still "green" previous coat. The epoxy seals the timber and joins, and the Aquacote is mainly to provide UV protection.

BoteCote recommend applying the Aquacote straight over their epoxy resin - they seemed wary of using it directly onto wood. From memory, I think you mix a little water with it to activate the curing process.

I was pretty happy with the result. There has been no yellowing of the hoop pine finish, and I seem to have a good glassy finish that is wearing well. I did find the Aquacote a bit tricky to use though - it goes "off" fairly quickly so you have to put it on and leave it without overworking it. Also the mixes and curing rates are noticeably affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

My foredeck was repainted about 10 years ago using British "Little Ships" water based clear polyurethane - a product that seems to have disappeared from the market place.



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