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Vic State Titles 2011

Postby GuestMember on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:37 pm

Hey guys,

I'm interested in taking part in the sabre states at Mordi next month, but i don't exactly have a sabre. I sail laser 4.7s.
Just wondering if anyone knows of a boat (that has been measured) that i might be able to charter for the 19th/20th of Feb.


Tash Van Rennes.
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Postby CDance on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:45 pm

We have a few people seeking boats for the titles (or for sale in general). There is a bit of a shortage as the class is growing. The committee is doing their best to track down people willing to loan their boats and offer guidance on a suitable charter fee. One of the issues people have is concerns about the boat being looked after. I know Tash is an experienced active sailor who I know many speak highly of. It would be great to see her in our fleet.

If you are not planning on sailing the states yourself and would consider chartering your boat to help build the class, please get in touch with me (chris.dance (-at) papercut.com).


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Postby CDance on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:03 pm

While on the topic of the 2011 Vic State Titles, the NOR is online here:

2011 Sabre State Title NOR

We're also accepting entries online this year. Make sure you enter soon to guarantee you receive the even polo shirt!

The committee is keen to match last year's 70+ fleet size. If you have not competed in a titles before, make Mordialloc your first. It's a great club with great facilities, easy rigging and parking, and you'll have a great time. If you were at last year's titles then we expect to see you at Mordialloc unless you have a note from your Mum! :-)
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Postby CDance on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:34 am

The following information has been sent out to all entrants for this year's Vic State Titles. For those that are entering on the day, you may find this information useful:

Wow! We have over 90 boats entered for this year's State Titles. We're expecting a pretty busy boat park! Here is some preliminary information to help keep things smooth on the day.

Boat Drop-off and Parking
Mordialloc Sailing Club has lots of rigging and parking room and parking attendants will be on hand on Saturday morning to help. Enter the club via the Bowman Street lane and proceed around to the right and drive through the rigging area clockwise around the club. If possible, please drive through the rigging area to the parking area adjacent to the mouth of Mordialloc Creek and off-load your boat there. Parking areas are marked in Red [see image below]. Please follow any directions provided by the attendants.

We'd like to store trailers down on "the point" on the mouth of Mordialloc Creek if possible. There is plenty of rigging room in front of the club or on the beach.

Friday Club Access
We have a number of interstate visitors and we have arranged to have the club open from 6:00pm on Friday evening till late evening. Any locals who what to avoid the morning run may also wish to consider this. Please leave your boats on the south side of the club opposite the launching ramp. This area will be floodlit all night. A local club member who lives opposite the club will also keep an eye out.

The registration desk will be just inside through the main club entry. It will open from 8:30am (or maybe earlier). Please register early if possible as the registration desk is bound to be busy. Sailing instructions will be available at the time of registration.

Mordialloc will have their canteen stocked for lunch and after racing on both days. And of course the bar will be open after sailing. Please consider putting in a lunch order prior to going out for the first race to help the canteen with catering.

Don't forget this year's BBQ has a theme: “black tie”! No. Don’t worry - no fancy dress required! All sailors will have the opportunity to tie a knot in a length of black rope and tell the knot’s story. I've heard a few sailors talking their tails over already. One story revolved about a knot an unnamed Sabre sailor "should" have tied before driving off from the club. Apparently he was rather embarrassed to arrived home with an empty trailer on the back of his car!

Boat Storage on Saturday Night
Sailors will be able to leave their boat and trailers at MSC on Saturday night. The gate will be locked and local adjacent club members will keep an eye out.

On behalf of all the Sabre Committee, we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Chris Dance
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