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boat transport from Melb to Qld

Postby pamela kamen on Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:51 pm

I have bought a second-hand Sabre which is in Melbourne, and need to get it transported up to the Sunshine Coast in Qld, where I live. Any ideas, or anyone driving up this way with spare space for a boat?
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pamela kamen
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Re: boat transport from Melb to Qld

Postby Christophe on Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:30 am

Hi Pamela,
I was in exactly the same situation 2 weeks ago. Except I got my boat from Sydney.

Car transports companies said as it couldn't be driven on the truck - no go. Freight companies said its not in a box - no go. Boat transport companies said too small - no go. Rental cars in Oz dont have tow bars as i thought about flying down, hiring a car and towing it back. Then i thought about a flat bed truck, but couldnt find a company that does one-way rentals. I did find one company happy to bring it up, but the quote was for $1240, half the cost of the boat I bought! I exhausted every avenue I could think of.

Anyway, I talked a mate in driving with me to Sydney to pick it up. One day down, one day back. Melbourne would be 2 down and 2 back I would imagine. I'm very interested in hearing how you get the boat north. if ever an opportunity existed to start a business then this is it.

Let us know how you go and good luck. :D
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