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Main halyard

Postby fitzwarryne on Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:06 pm

I am currently bringing 266 'Sober' up to racing standards. I acquired her in 1999 after she had been unused for some 10 years dumped in a cattle station shed. Rather than burning her as intended, she was swapped for a case of Fox Creek wine, one of several I had in my car after a SA winnery tour.

She is originally rigged as the 1970s FICO parts sheet. Believing in my scientic upbringing of plagarize, plagarize but call it research, I am using Chris Dance's outstanding rigging guide. The only question I have is whether to change the main halyard which is currently wire connected to 4mm rope. Would there be much advantage in chamging to Chris's 5mm Spectra and two new upright pulley blocks?

I would also like to express my gratitude to those keen sailors who upgrade their boats every two years and discard essential parts. Thanks to their enthusiasm I have acquired a mainsail and foils for the equivalent of another case of wine! Thus I remain Sober.

Paul Fitzwarryne.
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Re: Main halyard

Postby Daen on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:22 am

The short answer to your question is "yes".

Wire halyards have a tendency to pull out of the track when the mast bends, with the resulting effect of losing halyard tension and jamming the track. Not to mention fraying and punching holes in your fingers.
Depending on the cleat that you choose, 5mm uncovered spectra may be a bit slippery and is overkill in terms of strength and cost. 5mm veclock is used on the standard YMS/Binks fitout and I have found it to be really good. I'm told 4mm can pull out of the track. Here is one source:

http://binksmarine.com.au/store/ropes/p ... -5mm-rpvl5
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