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Postby Greg on Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:53 pm

As it seems that scuppers or transom flaps will soon be part of the ammended rules, I am considering adding at least one rather than a second rear self bailer.

I was considering this for simplicity/ cost reasons but have not used on installed them in the past.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


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Re: scuppers

Postby Aten on Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:15 am

In my experience (which I admit is not a lot) scuppers would not achieve anything significant. Even after a capsize I have never had enough water in the boat to warrant it. The most water I have had in my boat was on a moderately tight windy reach and had forgotten to open the back Venturi. Even then I believe a scupper would not have removed any significant water even if I had have moved aft and hence slowed the boat down. I'd be all for scuppers if I thought the would do the job better than a Venturi.
For the record I am around 90 kg and have an on weight ply/glass boat. It may be different for different crew weights and different boat shape and weight.
I reckon I can notice the difference in boat speed if I leave the back Venturi open up wind. I find it necessary to have the forward Venturi open nearly always when the wind gets more than about 12 knots.
I see no reason to keep scuppers outlawed. I just do not think they are necessary.

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