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Faster Wooden Boats

Postby harold on Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:16 pm

I built my own plywood boat a few years ago and was frustrated by the fact that I could not change the stiffening whereas the builders of FRP boats have freedom to stiffen as they choose. I think we should allow ply Sabre builders the same freedom. My boat was well under weight so I had scope for additional stiffening. I would add a web of ply to the centrecase bulkhead to stiffen the point where the centre case meets the bulkhead and I would add a stiffening panel to continue the structure of the side tanks through to the web bulkhead. As the timber sizes are now advisory not mandatory the top timber sections to the centre case could be wider to give more stiffness. The first and maybe even the second could be added to existing boats.
As Vic State Measurer I was part of the group which put forward the recent rule changes. I will be putting this proposal forward at the ARS State Measurers meeting.

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