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FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby mjs4455 on Sat May 24, 2014 10:28 am

Hi All,
I'm relatively new to Sabres not many know me, however a seasoned sailor and ex committee person from other class, these recent comments in the forum by some are starting to wear very thin indeed. Jim makes top class boats that have an excellent finish; they are clearly competitive, Jim knows better and as it appears is more mature by staying out of these negative forums, it appears he’s just moving forward building top class boats for us.

It clearly appears there is a large concern of competition from a couple of people whom have a financial concern; this is the real story for sure.

I’m one of many who see the FS model as an alternative than just following the crowd.

I too went and quietly had a look at the new plug and mould they are building at FS, well it certainly looks like any old Sabre to me, I'm afraid to report there is no wing keel no specials just a basic looking Sabre, all the hysterics over this is just amazing.

I'm also a past owner of a FS Sabre mk1, for me it was an excellent boat and for me a superior in finish to what I had seen during my decision making of a new boat a couple years back.

Unfortunately I sailed it only a few times due to ongoing injury & operations, however for me as an average sailor done OK considering a lack of sailing a Sabre, I may be corrected & will accept that but each event I sailed there were far more YMS boats behind me than in front of me, the ones (skippers) in front were simply better, fitter and sailed sabre 100s of times more than me, I made far too many errors but I assure everybody the FS mk1 is as fast as the others in most aspects and even faster in others, it’s the skipper & use of a good rig and sail matching mast that makes the real honest difference, every sensible level headed sailor knows this.

Is the problem the new FS may be faster than a YMS hull? Well honestly I seriously believe the new FS hull will be similar in speed and I’m looking forward in finding out, as I said it depends who’s the nut on the tiller end, my guess is that it will be a great all round boat and most suitable to us the average club sailor, typically the FS boats (Inc.other classes) are extremely well made, strong, light and dependable, the top guys & girls are going to win no matter which boat hull they decide on.

We all know the rig and sail combination and the ability of the skipper is the real story, the top skippers have chosen the YMS boat as this was the way to go in the past and nothing much else was available until now (Glass Package). We now have a good choice between excellent builders; this is fantastic for the class for sure.

I put down my deposit to FS for a new hull (need a toy to play with over winter) and look forward to hopefully with pending fitness sailing my new FS mk11 Sabre amongst the wonderful Sabre clan, remembering we are in this game for the fun of it too.

I also encourage the general membership to get behind our very hard working committee of management, I know from past experience it takes huge amount of voluntary time, commitment and cost just to serve us the membership, please membership ignore recent forum posts suggesting otherwise. Well done committee on building the Sabre class to where it is today, now with the inclusion of another excellent boat builder the class will only flourish further, I also know of others that may introduce their hulls, again this is great news for the class and adds another element to our much envied class.

It would also be handy and less embarrassing to the class and single individuals if the many negative forums ceased, get over it, move on and let us enjoy our sabre sailing.

Have a great Sabre day,
Murray Shaw
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Re: FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby magic232 on Sat May 24, 2014 1:06 pm

Hi Murray.

C'mon, you're an ex impulse national champ not an average sailor ! Joking mate, I'm glad to hear you are all well and staying in the class. I'm up in Darwin and have just started building a sabre ( it will be my 5 the boat and I've sailed them for 30 years at Indented Head however it's my first build). I will have to bring my new boat down for a home built vs mark 2 challenge :)
I agree people should stop debating and answer my construction queries :)

Regards John McKenna

Northern Territory
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Re: FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby GuestMember on Sat May 24, 2014 1:33 pm

are we to assume your Impulses were from Jim as well so youre probably well looked after and supported by FS. Are you the cool looking dude with 20kgs of dreadlocks on top of your head as you massively body pump past us all on the reaches. I've never seen someone fit enough to pump that much. is that how you hurt your back? you could always just sail the way the rest of us do??
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Re: FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby mjs4455 on Sat May 24, 2014 3:35 pm

Hi John, good to hear from you, I certainly look forward in catching up and seeing your new Sabre, as you know I have a liking for good timber boats. Good luck with your build.
Oh, I've never won a Aus title John, wishing though but not good enough.

Dear Guestmember, To answer your qustions directly.
I really wish I still had hair and to be a cool dude would only be a dream for me, as people who know me I'm the quiet, small old balding, grey haired guy, sorry I'm not who you think, you have your wires well and truelly crossed here.

Guest Member, As for my Impulses, over the 27 years I've had my second hand timber boats for years, then a second hand Botteril glass hull timber deck, then a Wilson hull then a FS hull which I still own for the past 5 years. The actual fact is I really don't know Jim Scott that well at all but only when I wanted a boat or parts, we know from Impulses his boats are the best we have had and certainly of the highest quality since FS come into Impulses our class has grown strongly, just goes to show good boats bring people in, just like sabres.

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Re: FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby magic232 on Sat May 24, 2014 9:03 pm

Hi Murray,

Great to hear from you. I see your dread locks blew off on a power reach lol ! :)
I was mistaken I think, sorry, vic champ :)
I see guest member keeps people busy on here. Oh well :)
I will be down at some stage for a measure so I will take on the plastic fantastic then :) yeh I'm a little jealous but looking forward to completing mine. It was hard glassing the bottom panels today with Darwin humidity dripping onto the panels leaving white circles and that was at 8 30 am !
Anyway it's full steam ahead until I run out of money :(
Speak soon
John NT
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Re: FS a Top Class alternative for Sabre

Postby Snodge on Sat May 24, 2014 11:29 pm

What will tear your class apart is the infighting, networks and "purple circles" of groups aligned together against others, not minute differences in hull shapes.
Get them built, measured and on the water....then argue about what's the best and greatest....but attack each other at your peril. There are a couple of new designs in the Northern hemisphere that would love a foothold in Australia (RS Aero & DS Zero) and they will find success at the Sabre's (and other classes) expense on the back of the type of BS that has been mentioned here.
Why is only FS mentioned in all these posts?..there was another mold commissioned by XSP and this got zero attention or scrutiny? It measures and is also a viable option, and I'm sure is potentially fast, and created in a similar way but no controversy........how can this be a balanced debate?

My disclaimer: Not a sailor, but an admirer of your class and interested observer. I own a FS 125....and not a "Guestmember".
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