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YMS latest design problem with Centrebord housing

Postby stiletto on Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:58 am

I have heard rumours that the latest design YMS has been determine not to conform with the rules, due to a modification of the C/B casing.

I'm unsure if the information I have been given is correct, but I understand that the owners of the boats in question have been told that their boats do not measure and that they are required to make alterations to the C/B casing so they conform to the rules.

As a member of the Sabre Association, I think I have a right to know about these matters and what is entailed. However, despite searching the website, our only source of information about the class ( I don't consider Facebook to be an appropriate source), have failed to locate any information about this.

Can we please have information about this matter, so that as members we can be informed about decisions made under the umbrella of the Association.

I am concerned that issues are being decided without informing members and I request that a statement be issued to members explaining the problem and what is required to rectify it.

Peter Johnston
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Re: YMS latest design problem with Centrebord housing

Postby steved on Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:23 pm

I did not think YMS was a license sabre builder, you may ponder that one
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Re: YMS latest design problem with Centrebord housing

Postby Andrew Graham on Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:30 pm

Peter - you are correct here. The National Measurer recently became aware of a centreboard case design that is present on a small number of Sabres built in the past year. This was discussed at length at a national committee level last week and the committee concurs with the Measurer’s view that the centreboard cases in question do not comply with class rules. The owners of these boats were advised of this by email, and we have also had discussions with the current owner of the mould producing these boats such that there will be no further boats made using this centreboard case. The Association is wanting to ensure that a modification is designed so that the impacted boats may be remedied quickly and simply and steps are being taken to achieve this. At the same time we are looking at how measurement processes can be strengthened to ensure prompt identification and reporting to the National Measurer of any future design or similar alterations going forward. We will also be considering whether any specific rule changes are needed in relation to centre case construction. It is also worth noting that the only boat competing in last weekend’s SA state championships with the different centre case sailed with a packer inside the case to in effect make it identical to a conventional case. The Association does intend making further comment on the web site when issues with the owners and builder have been resolved.

Andrew Graham National Vice President
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