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FRP Sabres with extended centre-board cases

Postby Andrew Graham on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:30 am

An update on this topic - which with almost 500 'reads' in the previous post is clearly proving to be of interest within the Sabre community ! To recap - a small number of Sabres have recently been produced with a substantially extended centre case. The executive committee ruled that this modification to the Sabre is not within the rules and has required those boats to be modified. We have recently taken the steps to have this interpretation assessed by an ISAF and Olympics qualified Measurer who is independent of the Sabre class. That opinion confirms the SSAA decision. The issue though has revealed that for a long time many fibreglass hulls from multiple builders have been produced with an internal measurement of the centre case some 20mm oversize but with the top and bottom openings within the specification. The Executive Committee of the SSAA decided that it is impractical to rectify these boats. The SSAA also recognised that it is common practice to use protective packing to prevent damage to the centreboard. Providing the protective packaging reduces the internal dimension of the case at any point to less than 419mm these boats will be deemed to comply with the measurement rules.

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