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Winter repair work on on RileyVenturi

Postby 2cows on Tue May 24, 2016 4:24 pm

Hi everyone.
i am doing some winter maintenance on my Wooden Sabre as i noticed that a little bit of water was getting in around the Venturi. The good new is that all wood around the opening is all in very good condition. I could tell that water was getting in around the back of the Venturi. I am going to replace the Venturi with another Riley RM179 so the holes are all good, I also noticed that there was a slight bend in the back of the plate that lowers ( expect it might have hit the cradle once or twice).

so My question.
I noticed sealant around the hole when I took the old one out which I have cleaned up. I was going to use Sikaflex 291 sealant when I put the new Venturi in. Is it the right Product for such a job?


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Re: Winter repair work on on RileyVenturi

Postby Aten on Fri May 27, 2016 1:16 pm

The Sikaflex marine sealant is excellent for sealing and bonding. The white Sika will discolour to a yellowy colour in time though. Make sure the suface you are bonding to is sealed well and clean before you fit the venturi.
Use plenty of masking tape on everything and use disposable gloves as Sikaflex gets very messy. Use turps for clean-up. I highly recomend spending the extra $$$ on the green masking tape.
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