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Sheave Fitting at the top of the mast

Postby nicgel on Sat Feb 18, 2006 8:21 am

The standard block fitting in the fit-out at the top of the mast is the RF452. Is this wide enough to take a 5mm rope halyard? In the Ronstan catalogue there is a RF31712 block which is a slightly larger fitting than the RF452 which can take up to an 8mm rope. Is is Ok to use the slghtly larger fitting or should one stick the RF452?
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Postby Alan Riley on Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:37 am


The Sabre manual contains a fit-out guide, which is what I am assuming you are getting the "standard" fittings from in your postings here. Note that it is only a guide. The Sabre rules allow for a large variety of fittings to be used throughout the boat, so don't be too concerned if you can't use the exact fitting mentioned in the fit-out guide.

In pratice, I have seen a large variety of blocks used successfully at the top of the mast. The main thing is that it supports the type of halyard you want to use - rope or wire.

Similar comments can be made about the tangs for attaching shrouds to the mast. You have to use tangs (not a hounds fitting), but I think the exact brand/type is not as important as making sure it is correctly located so it will pass the measurer's inspection.

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