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(Published March 2013)

"Stormy Petrel" is an old Sabre dinghy owned by the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club (WLBC). It sat on a rack for at least 5 years, until I took it home for repairs & upgrades. I admit that I have previously scoffed at Sabres, as heavy, slow, underpowered bathtubs.Stormy Petrel changed my mind about that, in her 1st time back on the water.

It was blowing 15-25 knots, and the boat was fast, lively and responsive. I had it skipping over the tops of waves on a flying broad reach, with only a bit of the hull behind the centreboard case touching the water. I was fully hiked out, full sail set, and working it hard to maintain control. It was awesome upto the point the footstraps ripped a hole out of the bulkhead and dumped me overboard. Hmm, might install a reinforcing stringer behind that!

Including "Stormy Petrel", we now have 9 Sabres at Wallagoot, with 3 or 4 racing each Saturday. Terry Kirby on 1521 "Frodo" is currently leading the Club's pointscore series (not counting drop races), and Morrie Lynch on 423 "Warungarea" is leading our Handicap series.

The WLBC is located on the far-south coast, about 200km south-east from Canberra or south from Batemans Bay. You've just missed our annual regatta, March 9-10, but we hope you might come sail with us next year!

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