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Safety Bay Yacht Club are starting a fleet of Sabres this season.

Safety Bay Yacht Club is a family focused club that has been operating in Safety Bay since 1947. SBYC is located just south of Rockingham and approx 55km south of the Perth CBD. SBYC is an off the beach dinghy sailing club with fleets of Windrush, Lasers, Mirrors, Sabres and O'Pen Bics. SBYC is also a registered Discover Sailing Centre

Membership is $100 per person or $140 per family. Most of the sailing is conducted on Sunday Afternoons so if you sail on Saturdays at your current club, you can join in at Safety Bay on a Sunday. Contact Craig Nylund 0417 172 453 craig@polypipetraders.com.au  or SBYC Commodore Anthony Saw anth_saw@hotmail.com for more information.




For the first time in living memory (I kid you not, well almost), winter dinghy racing at EFYC on Sunday 5 July was ABANDONED. I'd never actually seen the flag which signified that there would be no racing, I had to ask someone what it was. 9 Sabres sailors were disappointed. Kelly Miragliotta proudly displayed and used the paddle which came with her Sabre from Victoria (it was a rule that each boat had a paddle there).

We will try to reschedule Races 5 and 6 at EFYC possibly on Sunday 19 July, subject to a favourable weather forecast. I'll confirm this later.

4 - 6 Sabres are sailing regularly on Wednesday afternoons and any Sabre sailor who can escape work is welcome to join us.

There have been some changes of ownership of Sabres at EFYC. Bruce Moorman has bought Stiletto from Peter Johnston, who has bought On Fire from Pete Coop. Pete is now sailing his new new boat 2057 Back in Black.. Jim Gregson has bought 1943 a Formula Sailcraft from TCYC, which was originally owned by EFYC sailor Mike Keep. Steve Walters has sold A Salt Weapon to PDSC, where he is now crewing on an Int 14. We welcome Paul Burwood who has bought Dave Kenny's Red Tip "Lite Sabre".

The Association Sabre "Tiwi" is available for any one who wants to try out sailing a Sabre. Its currently housed at EFYC, and we can make it available on Wednesdays or at the weekend. Contact Peter Johnston on 0431 039 909 or johnst@iinet.net.au. It can also be made available to other Clubs which would like to access it.

Peter Johnston

It was a fairly bleak affair on Sunday with the weather gods not shining on our sailing at all! The morning looked promising, but I was tied up with family duties till 12 noon, racing starts at 1 pm, so I only got down to the club at 12.45 just after Bill Gillham, Ian James and Clayton Erwin all arrived. Bruce Lee had rigged up, but with dark clouds rolling in, Rob Hermans our RC Sailing, agreed to delay our first race to see what eventuated. There were only 2 or 3 Lasers, a Spiral and a Mirror making up the fleets for the day.

So we all got rigged in quick time and headed out in rain showers, light winds only, swinging between West and South West. It was a combined fleet start, two windward and return legs through the gate/start/finish in the middle of the course. In my rush to get down to the club, I had left my watch at home, so no problem, I figured that Clayton would be right up at the start, so I just tracked him, stayed to windward, got a little puff as a gap opened up at the boat end on a starboard start - Clayton could have pushed me up off the start line, but graciously let me in, so I had a lucky break on the Sabres who were all well down to leeward. Some more lucky swings to the West allowed me to get to the top mark just behind a full rig laser, with Clayton right behind me. I was passed on the run by Clayton, then Bill and Ian - note to self: "must lose more weight."

The order stayed the same until the last leg. I was still just behind Bill and Ian, held on to port tack a little longer than them, worked out to windward more, then got another lucky Westerly shift to lay the finish line behind Clayton, just ahead of Bill, then Ian with Bruce Lee fifth.

Some mark shifting by the start boat to allow for the westerly bias was followed by ever reducing wind strength and steady rain for the second race. The start was a drifter, with the out flowing current pushing Bill (I think) over the line early. I was late, but it didn't matter, I was drifting faster and drifted up to Clayton, but Ian had the best start and drifted around the top mark first. I was starting to drift past the mark, behind Ian and Clayton. Bill passed me and at that point I decided to let everything off and wait for any breeze. A zephyr came along from the East after a long wait, but everyone else got it first, so a frustratingly slow race of sorts ended with Ian first, then Bill, Clayton, myself and Bruce fifth again.

Rain fell steadily the whole time and Bill borrowed my sponge to remove ever increasing water levels in his boat - sails make great rain catchers don't they? I got that sponge back ..... After the race that is! But that's ok, Bill needed it more than I did.

It was great to have the PDSC visitors down at the club, and although it was not a great day for sailing, it was a most unusual experience in light weather sailing and sailed in good spirit too. Better than staying home and watching the Dockers anyway.

Chris 1671 Estoile

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