10 October 2020

Hello Sabre Sailors, 

Trust you are all well and coping with this new world of COVID.  The sailing season appeared to be showing signs of promise here in Victoria but unfortunately the various collective and individual efforts of parties known and apparently ‘unknown’ to our bureaucrats, mean we are still working through to ‘the path to reopening Victoria’- whatever that means.

There are several important areas that this communication covers, including aspects of the Sabre sail evaluation process. In April 2019, the incoming SSAA Committee made a commitment that the SSAA would undertake several things regarding the sail evaluation process and the challenges to the class:

  1. The SSAA served notice that it intends to conduct its affairs into this matter with integrity, impartiality, professionalism, and objectively.
  2. We will carry out our duties in accordance with the General Principles of the Constitution of both the SSAA and the Constitution of Australian Sailing.

– Violation or breech of these policy documents will be a matter for referral to Australian Sailing.
– The SSAA will be transparent in its processes and communicate periodically.
– The SSAA will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to breeches of the above.
It is our intention to honour those statements. For completeness we reinforce that all this information has been previously communicated by email and on the website in JuneSeptember 2019FebruaryAprilSeptember 2020.

The Current Legal Sabre Sail

While this appears to be a case of the bleeding obvious, there is only one legal Sabre sail design. The current design is as prescribed in the class rules. The Sail evaluation process is continuing its development and is commented on below. In the interim we re-affirm the following

  1. The current legal Sabre Sail is as specified in the Sabre Class rules
  2. No alternative sails are Class legal
  3. This represents that the use of illegal class sails on a Sabre does not constitute a legal Sabre.  
  4. Racing of Sabres by any Club, Association or Organisation when using illegal sail designs is not a legal Sabre race event and is not legally supported by the SSAA.
  5. We are engaging with Australian Sailing to seek further clarification on the legal, liability and insurance aspects of the Sabres being raced with an illegal sail design.
  6. We will also be formally communicating to all Sabre sailing clubs on this matter to directly express this position
  7. There are seven Facebook pages that support and reflect the SSAA legal Sabre
    1. These are the Sabre Performance Forum (link from
    2. Sabre Sailing Associations of VIC, WA, Tas, NSW, SA, Qld
  8. There exists a page on Facebook called the ‘Sabre Dinghy Owners Group’ which promotes the use of the so called Shark sail. This page does not support the views or positions of the SSAA, nor is it supported by the SSAA. SSAA holds registered intellectual property rights covering various Sabre logos including the red logo, certain profiles, and the Sabre itself. Use of the red logo on non-legal sail designs breaches those IP registrations.
  9. We will revert these matters to Australian Sailing and potentially to our legal Trademark partner for their input.

Sail Evaluation Process 

We point out and reinforce previous communications regarding the Sail Evaluation as there have been several enquiries as to the intent and criteria of the process. We emphasize the key components and decisions to date regarding the sail evaluation 

  1. NO decision on a new sail design being adopted by the SSAA is mandated.
  2. A recommendation will be made once the sail evaluation is completed
  3. The Criteria for the Sail Evaluation are on the Website; the key elements of the criteria are
    1. Not to materially disadvantage the current Sabre sailing demographic
    2. Maintain Class identity
    3. Promote improved sail efficiency and aesthetics
    4. Improve safety, maintain durability, and be cost effective 

The sail evaluation process is well underway and if were not for COVID restrictions it may well have been completed. To accelerate the process two additional Concept sails have been manufactured to facilitate testing in other states. In early October, one is being evaluated in Perth, another will shortly be despatched to Tasmania and the third will continue to be tested in Victoria before being sent to other states. Currently there are several aspects that the sail evaluation process has revealed:

  1. The original Shark sail was a useful basis to assist the Sail Evaluation Team and provide some initial thoughts around the sail evaluation concept.
  2. The Shark sail has been reviewed but considered inappropriate and unsuitable for the Sabre due to several factors including performance, sail area, design, and aesthetics and has been excluded from further evaluation by the Sail Evaluation Team (SET).  
  3. Compared to the current Sabre sail, the current concept sail demonstrates improved performance in light, medium winds, similar performance and sailing ability requirements in stronger winds, improved efficiency, and safety with a larger window.

To recap, the sail evaluation process is well advanced but is not complete and once further testing allows, will be concluded and a report compiled. Finally, should any decision be made to introduce the new sail design then this would be carried out over a period to allow all competitors to enjoy the use of their current Sabre sail for its competitive life.

Yours in Sailing,
The SSAA Committee