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Sabre Sailing Dinghy

Australia's most popular one design single handed class. The fun Single hander that is easy to sail but difficult to master.

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The South Australian Sabres are running an open regatta in conjunction with the AIRS regatta held at Adelaide Sailing Club in March. We would encourage interstate sailors to consider heading over to Adelaide as a lead up to the next nationals.

Accommodation will need to be booked early as it's a long weekend in Adelaide and also what we refer to as "Mad March" (not alot happens in little ol' Adelaide, except in March...haha). There is a link to accommodation on the Adelaide Sailing Club website but if anyone has any problems please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Further information is here.

The 39th Sabre State Championship is being hosted by Somers Yacht Club (SsYC) on Westernport Bay 22nd to 23rd February 2014.
This is an ‘open’ championship and any 2013/14 financial member of a State Sabre association may enter and be eligible for all prizes.

Entry is by registering through Trybooking or by returning a hard copy entry form in the Notice of Race (NOR).

Link: http://www.trybooking.com/73288

If you are Victorian and are not a 2013/14 financial member (website membership DOES NOT constitute being a Financial member) then you may renew or become a financial member of Sabre Sailing Association of Victoria through the following Trybooking link. http://www.trybooking.com/58633






Thank you for your time put into considering the proposed rule changes.
All proposals were passed…generally by a very clear majority.
The closest voting was proposal 4 (mast step material and moveable mast step) which passed 8 / 4.
Interestingly, the mast step material would have passed 100% based on verbal feedback if separated from the moveable step which was the contentious part of that proposal.
While it is officially only 2 delegates per State that can vote, State committees put a lot of effort into discussion and guidance to the delegates on how the State wished to vote.
Vic, Tas and NSW voted yes to every proposal.

The new rules will be effective 1 Feb 2014.
Once the rules have been updated, the complete set will be published on the website and of course will still be issued with new boat number allocations.

The big task now is to get the rules updated which I can assure you is very time consuming.

Link to Review of Sabre Rules - Voting Results

Click here to download - Sabre Rules…Motions to be considered by State Associations

The need to review our construction and measurement rules was signalled by immediate past National Measurer Phillip Johnson and current National Measurer John Dixon over a year ago. John conducted the initial review followed by input from experienced people from each State over the past 12 months. Professional builders and sailmakers were invited to provide input but no formal responses were received. Some ideas provided verbally by a few builders have been included. There are 42 motions to amend the Construction, Fit out Notes and Rules of measurement. None of the proposed changes are intended to affect existing boat measurement status. One of the objects of the review was to tie measurements and methods of measurements to ISAF guidelines where feasible.

Members of State Associations are invited to review the attached motions for amendment to our rules and provide feedback to their State Associations (to State Secretaries). A Special General Meeting has been called for 30 November 2013 (postal voting cutoff). Each State has 2 votes by delegates appointed by their State association and motions are carried by simple majority. The National President in his capacity as chair of the SGM may cast a deciding vote in the case of a tied vote.
Whilst close of voting is 30 November 2013, it is intended that carried motions will not come into effect until 1 Feb 2014 after the WA Australian titles.

"Note: Motion number 6“ Gunwales and overall length measurement (proposal 10) was withdrawn on 22 October 2013. See the revised motions for amendment to the rules…link below

Barry Eastgate
Secretary SSAA

Click here to download - Sabre Rules…Motions to be considered by State Associations

The Organiser of the Melb-Perth-Melb rail container for attendance at the Sabre 2013 Australian Championship in Perth is the Sabre Sailing Association of Victoria Inc.

Online Boat Transport Reservations - Perth 2013/2014

It is expected that 40 ft containers will be used that will hold 9 to 12 boats.
Cost estimates are based on 9 boats per 40 ft container.

The total cost of the return container is estimated to be $600
The applicant agrees to pay this amount in 3 or less instalments.

$200 by midnight 31 May 2013 (mandatory when submitting the Expression of Interest)
$200 by midnight 30 September 2013
$200 by midnight 1 December 2013

The Organiser will refund the difference between $600 and actual cost if actual cost is less than $600.

At the discretion of the Organiser, the boat owner may be required to pay any shortfall between actual cost and $600.

The Organiser will endeavour to provide container space for all applicants but reserves the right to refund monies paid to applicants if there is insufficient boats to economically fill a container.
Such refunds will be applied in reverse order of applying for container space through this reservation system.

It is the owner's responsibility to have his/her boat at the container loading locations in Melbourne and Perth on the dates to be advised by the Organiser.

Reservations are open to non-Victorian boats as long as they meet container loading requirements (above).

  1. Delivery of empty containers would be by the Friday before (at the latest) the loading weekend around 13 Dec. loading to take place 14/15 December
  1. Pickup of loaded container would be Monday or Tuesday after the weekend, delivery in WA would be by the 24 Dec
  1. Use same container for both trips, container will stay at the club
  1. General rule is containers get reloaded straight after the last race
  1. Containers can go any time back to Melbourne and should go together. If most of us are going to have a week in WA then we send a week later

We are currently developing the arrangements for how we can get as many Sabres as possible to WA and to do it as cheaply as possible . The key factor in determining how easily we can do this is you. To ensure that no one gets left behind and that we do it for less possible cost , the Association will need to have your confirmed reply no later than 30 May 2013. The main elements of the plan for WA are

  • Rail transport in 40' Containers from Melbourne to Perth
  • Containers will be trucked at each end of the rail journey
  • Containers to be loaded at a designated Melbourne location over a weekend probably 14-15th  December
  • Cost approx $600 return based on 9 boats per container
  • EOI Closing date 30 May 2013
  • Payment will be as follows
    $200 deposit with return RSVP
    $200 by 30th September
    $200 by December 2013
    Final amounts will re reconciled once we know final costs
  • We will do everything possible to get everyone to WA so we need to consider this as a 'first in best dressed' approach , so please do not delay beyond 30 May 2013  

BR Sabre States 2013

Photo by Roger Blasse

The 38th Victorian State Championships were held at BRYC over the Victorian long weekend of 9-11 March 2013. There were initial concerns harboured  that the impact of the long weekend may reduce competitor numbers, and for various reasons, quite a few of the normally highly supportive Blairgowrie fleet couldn't participate. Yet the Victorian Championship still produced a very healthy 57 entrants of all age groups. Notably for the class there was a beneficial input of sailors from South Australia and for the first time a couple of sailors from Western Australia. Well done to all.

The conditions were trying on all days and unfortunately so trying on the Monday that the boats did not hit the water as the fickle if not non-existent bay breeze and searing heat put paid to any chance of a race.We managed to get 2 races on both Saturday and  Sunday and the Race Management worked hard to earn their coin in an unstable North Easter on the Saturday and an oscillating  and moderating sea breeze on the Sunday. Well done to the PRO and the team for keeping cool heads in the conditions

As evidence of the closeness of the Sabre Fleet we have come to expect, every new race saw a different winner , with guns to Nick Mouat, Jack Felsenthal, Gary McLennan and Scott Olsen through Races 1 to 4. Condolences  to  provisional Race 3 winner Brent Frankcombe who, on not getting the gun, was found to have rounded the top mark incorrectly. He was last seen enrolling for a Masters 101 in the Art of Racing Flags. Tim Van der Veen was last seen to be filling out a cheque for the cost , after having loyally followed the multiple titles winner incorrectly around the top mark

Some notable highlights of the regatta were
Jack Felsenthal finishing Top Victorian in second place, and 1st Youth, Also in the age of fibreglass Jack managed to pull this off in a timber boat
John Dick Winner of the Super Veteran (over 70) Class at the tender age of 83 (legendary performance)
16  Entrants in the Veteran or Super Veteran category

Winners in Categories and Overall Top 10 Were:

Youth                   Jack Felsenthal      BRYC
Ladies                  Fiona McCulloch    BRYC
Seniors                Tim Van der Veen   LSC
Masters                Scott Olsen           PDSC
Grand Master        Mark Soulsby        ADSC
Veteran                 Barry Eastgate      BRYC
Super Veteran       John Dick              BRYC
1                 Scott Olsen               PDSC
2                 Jack Felsenthal         BRYC
3                 Alister Danks            BYS
4                 Tim Van der Veen      LSC
5                 Mark Soulsby            ADSC

6                 Gary McLennan        BRYC
                 Murray Shaw            IHSC
                 Nick Mouat              BRYC
9                 Brent Frankombe
10               Barry Eastgate         BRYC

Link to Victorian States 2013 Full Results

Review by Russell Rooney


The purpose of this edition is to say that boats can be dropped off early to avoid congestion.  We will have Sabre sailors at the club from 2.30 pm Thursday 'till late.  There's a group of Sabres who go out for a sail on Thursday afternoon and you are welcome to join in.  There is also an evening race at the club on Thursday at 6.30 pm and you will be welcome at that too.  The gates will probably be open from about 9.30 am on Thursday as the office is manned all day.  We will have Sabre sailors there on Friday morning and one way or another we will have someone there on Friday afternoon and evening but I don't have a volunteer yet.  There will be no registration until Saturday.

The road down from Beach Road to BRYC can become congested if it looks like a good day for fishing so allow plenty of time.  If there is a problem let us know.

It will be a great event and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone there.


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