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As a by - product of the recent survey, Sabre owners were asked how they got into Sabre sailing. Answers were:

  • Friends who sailed. Wanted a single handed boat with good competition when I returned to sailing.
  • Wanted a single hander only as family members were not interested in sailing.
  • Left Olympic Tornados and was looking for simplicity and low maintenance
  • Club sailing great completion in the class
  • Friends and the championship coming to my club. The low cost of the class is a big drawcard.
  • An invitation race was held at my club and I liked the look of the simplicity of the single handed Sabre without having to sail a Laser.
  • Wanted to sail in a large fleet
  • Most suitable boat being sailed at my club when I returned from living interstate
  • Changed classes from a laser
  • Wanted to find a single handed boat when kids wouldn't get in a pacer with me anymore.
  • Saw fleet sailing, liked the look of the boats and good level of support/coaching
  • Saw them in Tas whist at Sharpie Nat's thought they would work well in WA
  • Just looking for a small dingy for fun and a bit of racing
  • I wanted to get back into dinghy sailing 6 years ago after a lifetime of sailing and discovered the Sabre. It's now an important part of my life and I'm now class captain at the largest Sabre fleet in WA.
  • My children are sailors and I wanted to have something to do with them.
  • Best boat for my age and work demands; Sabres are just the best ever!
  • The boat suited me as a laser was too demanding.
  • Hard to get reliable crew for 2 handed boat.
  • My club has a big sabre fleet. I'm small, I need a single hander that fits my body and the sabre is perfect. Laser radial advantages tall people and the rig cannot be tailored. Sabres are great because the rig can be made to fit a wider range of body sizes.
  • I was looking for an affordable single hander with a strong national and club presence. Sabre fits the bill.
  • Tried to get my son to learn to sail, I did, he didn't
  • Best suited class in club racing suits all types
  • I wanted to get back to dinghy sailing. The Sabre offers competitive and challenging sailing with good mates, who enjoy sailing this boat.
  • Moved from Lasers to Sabre
  • Picked the class based on what I could sail single handed, suited my body size, local racing available, lower cost entry than some classes ie price of boats available
  • Saw the boat asked to have a go.
  • Because of the numbers at my local club
  • From a laser which was too much on Port Phillip 
    I like OTB sailing and as an adult, Sabre is perfect
  • Junior and lived near the club
  • Looking to get back into racing after long time doing family stuff, school sports etc.
    The Sabre offered good  fleet size and competition at a state level.
    Really enjoy the racing and the sailors who sail the boat over the last four seasons.
    Found the boat fun to sail but still a challenge to sail quick, keeps me thinking and engaged.
    I look forward to both club racing and the States each season
    Keeps me fit and l enjoy it.
  • Mum and Dad
  • I saw the boats at a masters event in Canberra and an article in the then Aus Sailing mag
  • Nice boat, single handed and manageable in a breeze.
  • Bought a brand new boat to get back into sailing
  • Need a single handed boat for flexibility
  • I sailed as a kid and wanted to get back on the water as my 3 kids sail Minnows
  • A friend recommended the Sabre for my weight and sailing level.