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Numbers are looking good with more than 70 boats expected.  If you would like to join in the fun click on the link  below to enter.


Here is the link to the Notice of Race:
The 2017 Victorian state championships will be hosted by the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on the weekend of February 27 & 28. 

It’s been about 10 years since we were last at Blairgowrie for the states, and this year we will get to enjoy the club’s brand new clubhouse which opened just 2 months ago. The new clubhouse has a much larger deck, and has a full kitchen which sees meals be served to members and their guests 4 days a week. Coupled with the normally flat seas and the picturesque coastline that arcs from Sorrento to Arthurs Seat and beyond - its been a long time favourite visiting spot for the Sabres since the early days of the class. 

The racing will be our now familiar 2 day format with a race on Saturday morning, 2 on Saturday afternoon and 2 on the Sunday in the late morning. We will be putting on a catered bbq and buffet dinner on the Saturday night in the new clubhouse for everyone who’d like to unwind after the Saturday racing and to experience the new clubhouse. (You’ll need to book this at the time of entering the series)

Blairgowrie of course was the host of the most recent nationals where we had the amazing 130 entries - the biggest ever Sabre event. We’re hoping that this will be a really really big fleet as well - our target is at least 100 boats ! 

For many this will be your big sailing event for the season - so we look forward to getting your entries in ! (And one more thing - if you haven’t had any new foils or sails measured as yet - you need to do so before the championships !)

A free coaching program has been organised by Black Rock Sailing club for all Sabres leading up to the States at Blairgowrie and the Nationals at Black Rock in 2016.  
Coaching will be for all ability levels.
The 2015 sessions were great with excellent coaching by top Sabre sailors.  2016 will be just as good.  Program is to be rigged and dressed ready to sail by 10am.  
Let Harold know at medd@tpg.com.au if you want to attend so that we can make sure we have the right number of coaches, coach boats etc.
Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.33.38 pm 2

Coffee Cruise

Another good turn out for today's coffee cruise. 9 boats and 11 sailors and a few members who have come by car. For more pictures and Videos go to the clubs Facebook site. 




Racing – by Peter

Two great races were had in a 15 to 20 knot S-SW breeze with a normal T4 course and some great reaches.

Drew, Bruce and Peter had some close racing with little between them as Drew won the first with Peter winning the second and Bruce consistent with two thirds and close behind.

Rod sailed well with two fourths and for a lot of the race, he was just behind the leading group. At 70, Rod can always be replied on to turn up for a Saturday PM sail and to participate in the Coffee cruises during the season – Thanks for your support and attendances over the years Rod.

Lawrence I think, surprised himself by completing both races in the 15-20 knot S-SW and is progressing very well in the Sabre fleet – good stuff Lawrence.  

Darrell turned up for lunch and a chat as he is still recovering from an operation. Darrell hopes to be back on the water before Christmas.

The long awaited new wooden Sabre built by Mark Rimmington is nearing completion and should be on the water also before Christmas – We are all looking forward to Christening her soon – with Champagne....

Colin and Chris were unable to attend last week but will be back in force this weekend and it is hoped to have 8+ Sabres for this weekend

Lessons Learnt

Again it was a cloudy morning with a moderate breeze that squashed a little enthusiasm , a habit that should not be encouraged. As we have learnt in past weeks, the PM weather has no resemblance to the AM conditions and with that in mind, the rigging area should be full of boats. Here endth the first lesson.  

Sailing Diary

When I started up sailing again, Peter suggested that I start a diary on each race to help re learn skills and tactics I had forgotten. For those of you who have Big brothers you don’t always do what they say, but in this case I did and found it very helpful. It makes you sit down and critically analyse how you go about sailing

Date– Mordialloc

Wind & Conditions   - Light Southerly 5 - 7 knts

No. of boats                       - 8

Result                                    - 3rd

Race 5


  1. oWhat happened in the 5 minutes leading up to the start and the first 3 minutes after the gun. Were you at the correct ed, Clear air, no one immediately to leeward, no faster boats directly to windward etc etc
  2. oWhich way did you go and why, did it work out, where did the top bats go & why? How did you handle the wind shifts and waves. What tactics did you use and did they work?
  3. oTactics, waves other boats, gain or loose
  4. oTactics, waves other boats, gain or loose, has the wind changed direction
  5. oWhich way did you go and why, did it work out, where did the top bats go & why? How did you handle the wind shifts and waves. What tactics did you use and did they work?
  6. oTactics, waves other boats, gain or loose
  7. oThis is generally only a short beat to the finish but quite often you can pick up or loose a place, so Tactics are important

  1st Beat


2nd Reach

2nd Beat



Result              - 3rd

What I did well

  • 5R- Caught the little waves down wind
  • 5B- Found the extra pressure in the east side
  • A5O – Check all cord ends are sealed properly
  • A5O – Fix Main Sheet end
  • A5O – Clear Contact on side Deck, Longer cord on pencils, rule lines for Time and Wind Direction
  • 5P - Make sure you know which start you are.  
  • 5B – Anticipate waves better as was stopped by one when wind died. 
  • 5B – Look for wind on water




  • P = PRE-START [from when you arrive at the club]
  • S = START [includes first 5 minutes of beat]
  • B = BEAT
  • R = REACH / RUN
  • F = FINISH
  • O = OTHER observations eg. How other boats are set up, changes in conditions


Association News

NSW - Update from Wallagoot Sailing Club  Hi all,  There are 11 Sabres at Wallagoot Lake, though we usually only see 4 or 5 on any Saturday.The two stars of the class are Terry Kirby (2067 "let the wind") and Neil Fisher (1539 "windsong"), who race closely on the water and ...

For more see http://www.sabre.org.au/states/new-south-wales/news-nsw/510-update-from-wallagoot-sailing-club

WA - EFYC Sabre News - Nov 2015 On Saturday 7 November we had 13 starters, including Craig Nylund, a regular visitor from Safety Bay and a new visitor trying out the Association boat Tiwi. Two races were sailed in gusty conditions and both were won by Pete Coop. Following closely behind him were….,

For more see http://www.sabre.org.au/states/western-australia/news-wa

Other Sailing News

2015 Para World Sailing Championships 



This Week’s Sailing Quote

For the most part, a sailboat navigates through its world of wind and water not leaving a single trace of its passage. Nothing is consumed. Nothing is altered. The winds and the water are left in exactly the same condition for the next user. Sailing is forever.

-- Michael B. McPhee


Commodore Greg Gleason and Club members take delivery of a Hansa 303 from Sailability Victoria's Russell Phillips for their Friday sailing program.


Coffee Cruise

A great day with a record 10 boats a kayak or two, two rubber ducks and 19 participants. This has smashed the record of 12 people and 7 boats.

Great to see the Kahn, Rae, Lozell & Bargholz families involved. Along with Dave Moate, sabre group and Chris in the Mirror – Sorry if I have missed anyone, if so, a big thanks you for participating.


Both races were sailed in what everyone thought was 15-18 knots but with higher wind readings of only 15 knots, it appears that those that sailed were older than they thought. We were all very tired and sore by the time we hit the shore.

Two good starts by all saw Drew, Peter W. and Bruce sail around the Laser top mark in the first race (as a handicap element) which made it interesting as Rod rounded the bottom mark in the lead. The next to round were Peter W., John and Peter M., followed by Drew and Bruce close behind.

Race 2 was a tougher race as the wind increased but the competition was still tight with Bruce getting ever closer to the front position whilst was Drew being very competitive as usual. Rod again was very consistent and gaining ground on the leaders as compared to last year.

Not to mention Peter M. and John who completed both race and should be commended for their results – Great work guys. 

Lessons Learnt

Being on the Start boat on Saturday I had a chance to look at how everyone rounded the bottom mark. I would have to say at least 95% of people across the whole MSC fleet could do with a lot more practice. All that hard earned ground made up on the reaches, lost in a matter of 15 seconds due to poor rounding. Some boats were very wide of the mark, others still had the main and or Jib half off and flapping. In some cases I estimated that people lost 3 boat lengths sliding sideways and another couple in speed. Bruce Drewett made a good rounding by going wide and tight when he had two other boats from other classes just in front of him and he gained at least one boat length to windward and more importantly clear air. This got me to think about how I round the marks, so I put the question in to the Google machine and found many hits, so I picked a couple out and included the links below.


A Better Way to round the Leeward Mark?

Andy Horton, who served as strategist/tactician for Luna Rossa in the 32nd America's Cup, argues that "wide and tight" may not be so fast after all. "Technique" from our January 2008 issue

The classic leeward-mark rounding is to come in wide and round tight to the mark as you head upwind. It's a technique endorsed by numerous experts and authoritative racing texts, but could there possibly be a better way? I recently posed the question to Andy Horton, who sailed with Luna Rossa in the 32nd America's Cup in Valencia. As it turns out he's been doing a lot of research on the topic and has come to some surprising conclusions. -Dave Powlison

Read the article on the link below.


Laser Sailing Top Tips - Leeward mark rounding - Double Olympic Gold Medallist Shirley Robertson




This weekend will be the 50th running of the M.J. Petterson trophy, over the years there have been some very close finishes. Eg. Peter & Phil Johnson in the Rainbow pipping me in my Sabot on the line. And No Peter I still forgiven you.

A handicap race with a very ornate large trophy up for grabs that was donated by Merv Petterson for the 1966/67 season was first won by John Hargreaves in a Rainbow.

For the race, boats start at staggered times with the back markers trying to catch the leaders before the finish line.

Merv still lives in Mordialloc today but likes to keep to himself a bit. He was an amazing club member who held the Secretaries job with distinction for many years and although his interest did not really focus on sailing itself he was very supportive of the young adults coming through in the sport at MSC.

He was duly appointed a Life Member and is considered one of the great club members in our history.

The ‘M’ Trophy was donated by Garry & Louise Hosie in 2002 and first won by Glenn Scheen in a Flying 15.This trophy has enjoyed success as an event especially when coupled with the MJP. It is another handicap event but with a single start and sailing the ‘M’ course with the results calculated using handicaps back on shore..


Association News

Open and free coaching at Black Rock YC in preparation for the 2016/2017 Nationals

Following the Go for Gold coaching regatta on the 14th and 15th Nov will be held on the waters of Port Phillip in the

vicinity of Black Rock Yacht Club (Inc.) (BRYC).

Non BRYC members

Single-Handed entry $60.00

Double-Handed entry $70.00


Other Sailing News

Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outteridge – From the beginning- Part One



Forecast from BOM

Saturday 31 October


Variable about 10 knots becoming east to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots during the morning then tending north to northeasterly during the evening.


Below 1 metre.


Cloudy. 60% chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening.

This Week’s Sailing Quote

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. 

 - William Arthur Ward


Thanks to Peter for providing the write up of the day’s racing, background on the events and the coffee cruise. 

Also couple of pictures from the day


IMG 1780



IMG 1779

Enjoy the sail


Colin White

0429 369 435

Yensid II


Mordialloc Sailing Club

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