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Chris Holyday started off with his first Sabre in late 2013. He had been sailing Lasers at the Maylands Club but they were becoming harder to sail as he got older and had heard about the Sabre fleet building up at Perth Dinghy Sailing Club. So he rang the WA Sabres State President, Brian Jones, looking for a boat. Of course, Brian can always accommodate with a boat as we all know. And this is how Tango, #1796, became the first Sabre sailing at Maylands Yacht Club.

Tango 1

Chris Holyday, proud owner of Tango in 2013

For many years, the Sabres have had to start in the Mixed Fleet as it took two full seasons before Chris was joined by new club member, Paul Maj, who bought Extreme, #1902 from East Fremantle Yacht Club. Thereafter, we had a number of visitors from EFYC who came to support Maylands, along with WA Sabres and PDSC with regular visits, coaching sessions (PDSC) and all-round advice and support.

Club Commodore, Steve Rose, wanted to move up from the Mirror Fleet so Chris decided to sell Tango to him to build up the club’s numbers. He then had to look around for a replacement – and it came from EFYC in the shape of Estoile, #1671, a good Botterill grp boat that had been brought into WA from Victoria by the EFYC club as a training boat. It had recently won a WA State Heat as a borrowed boat, so we knew it was fast!

Estoille 1

Estoile sailing fast on an early outing at MYC, skipper – Chris Holyday

It was not long before after this that another Laser sailor at MYC, Bruce Lee, decided to get a Sabre – and when he bought Fly In Fly Out, #1868 from PDSC we at last had some steady competition building up. Both Extreme and Fly In Fly Out were good, quick timber boats, especially Fly In Fly Out which carried two kilos of weight correctors attached to the centreboard case - but Estoile seemed to have their measure.

Mixed Fleet 1

Mixed Fleet start from February, 2015 with Bruce Lee (1868) leading out Chris Holyday in 1671

In 2016/17 we had Ray Martin join the club from PDSC in his Jam Side Up. He purchased Bruce Lee’s Fly In Fly Out and restored it beautifully to take out MYC’s first Sabre Club Championship in 2016/17 with Chris Holyday runner up in Estoile.

Chris took out the 2017/18 Club Champs in his new boat, C3, #2042, and Terry Gaunt Jnr won the most recent title in Scimitar, #1870.


Terry Gaunt Jnr - Scimitar

Today MYC can boast that we have 10 Sabres on the books :
Chris Holyday – C3
Steve Rose – Cutlass
Bruce Lee – Where’s Wal (previously Estoile)
Ray Martin - Jam
Terry Gaunt Jnr – Scimitar
Barry Newell – Damocles
Rolna Stoeger – Gone With The Wind (previously Fly In Fly Out)
Mimi Secco – Tango
Anne Christie – Vill-Anne
John Gaunt – Blue Tomato

There are good prospects for new sailors joining the Sabre Fleet soon, and we look forward to a successful 2019/20 season at Maylands Yacht Club.


Chris Holyday
C3, #2042

Boating Hardware Logo 

2018/19 Sabre State Championships

2018-19 Sabre Sailing Association of Western Australia (SSAWA) Boating Hardware WA State Championships will be held over the weekend of 6th and 7th April 2019.  The regatta will be conducted by the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club (PDSC) in the waters of Matilda Bay, Perth, Western Australia.  

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions - Available Soon
Online Entry 

Over the weekend of 10th & 11th November 2018 the Perth Dinghy Sailing held it’s Annual “Perth Waters Coaching Regatta.”

The Regatta is designed primarily for the coaching of sailors whilst in racing conditions. The event is run by holding 10 short course races over the Saturday & Sunday. Races are held in the both the mornings and afternoons, this enables the competitors to get the opportunity to sail in the morning soft breezes, then in the afternoons with the steady sea breeze.

The PDSC this year engaged a number of our own homegrown sailing Championship as the Coaches, who have passed on their experiences & knowledge to the competitors.

This year’s Coachers were led by our Race Officer – Warren Drew, who has now been involved for the past 4years. Warren apart from doing the RO duties on the start boat also did coaching of the competitors and making sure they all were up on the start line in the best positions.

The coaches s were: Brien Hennessy, Russell Hanrahan, Emilia Horn, Dale Oakley, Ian Furlong & Denis Jones. All these Coaches are highly regarded within the WA sailing community.

This year event attracted 50 competitors in Open Bic, 29ers, Flying Ants, Cherubs, Sabres and 1 Javelin. Whilst the PWCR is based on coaching we also do run a Regatta, so the winners were:

1) Lost Horizon – Andrew Rose                              
2) Dragonfly – Heidi Miller                                      
3) Double Trouble – Narelle Thomas

The Management Committee of the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club would like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time and assisted over the weekend

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