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As our 2014/15 season gets under way, it is timely  to remember the fun we had last season.  A huge thankyou to Sabre sailor Dave Quinn for this fabulous description of our on water antics!!!!


“There was movement at East Freo For the word had got around

The wind was up, the sun was out, There was sailing to be found 


Kylie was there to take control, the admiral has all the power

her instructions ring for all to hear as she runs things from the tower.


The older guys sit down to chat beneath the shaded tree.  But the banter dies down as the rigs take place

and they ready for the race. 


Dave runs the brief at one o'clock for those who chose to go;

the course is set, the rules made clear 1 hour until the show. 


Then the line is set, the sequence starts First the BICs and then the Pelis

and the Sabres round up and start to jostle, the nerves are in their bellies. 


The gun goes off, the race is on and sails are pulled in tight

the old, the young, the middle aged, are in their for the fight.


For on the line the word is said, your race is won or lost

a bad done tack or loss of air will only cause you cost


Pete and Steve are out the front, they lead the pack today

hard work and dedication will always earn its pay


But ask these guys to help you out, to share just what they know

and they down their tools and take you in, and help you on your way. 


Bob is right there on the line, as he always is

he has sailed this river man and boy and knows what takes and gives


But three young guns have hit their straps and in there for the race

Pearson, Ryan and Jacob will push him with their pace,


Louie the fly goes buzzing by, Then Graeme sailing the Kite,

The Phantom hovers here and there keeping them in sight. 


A shout, a cuss, a ladies squeal is common place these days

as Combat 2 is in the mix, Leoni's there to play,


The sea breeze tests her in the reach, but she is made of sterner stuff,

she won't give up, she will man the breach, regardless of how rough. 


FIFO guys will come and go, they travel for their pay

but Dave and Jim and Singo too are welcome any day.


The same with Mark and Hatbox, our local pretendgineer.

They join the fray on any day and love a glass of beer. 


The fleet is not without its class, it's touch of dignity

With Greg and Pete and Blair a well bred set of three


Scotty flies the red tip flag as Nick tries to escape,

They want to be there at the end, to break the winners tape. 


As the doctor does its breezy thing, Stacey shows his class

but don't forget that Vic's a vet and right there on his ass


It's all a matter now of strength and gile and cunning

as everyone who sails today is in there for the running. 


Now once the boats have crossed the line the last time for the day,

the boats are washed the sails are rolled and neatly put away,



Drinks will flow and debriefs held and tales told in their glory.

No point to let truth stand in the way of an entertaining story.


No matter where you are in the world the sun will set the same

but our little slice of heaven is easy to explain.



The river life is special; the sunset’s bright and bold

for the Sabre sailing family turn silver into gold”. 


Article by Dave Quinn 






YMS Sabre Moulds and New YMS Sabres arrive in WA, Congratulations to Dave Quinn and Lane Bauer on their new Sabres...Happy Sailing. Well done Brett for all your

hard work.

Sabre State Championship Awards were held at EFYC on May 25th.


Congratulations to our top 3 sailors.

1st place Scott Olsen (PDSC)

 2nd place Pete Coop (EFYC)

 3rd place Clayton Erwin (PDSC)



Several sailors joined the East Fremantle Fleet after the Awards, for the 1st Winter Race rounding out the sailing fleet at 12 boats for the afternoon.

The weather started off very favorably with sunshine and a strong wind but by race 2 the rainsqualls came through making it a challenge.





Special recognition must go to our only junior sailor on the day Govi Loney who showed courage and skill using one of the cut down sails made by Graham Hill for the Sabre fleet.

 He finished both races in reasonable time.




The Sabre sailors would like to welcome Paul Giadresco from TCYC who has just purchased a Sabre and sailed very well.  Congratulations on the new boat.



  By Kelly Miragliotta





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