2013/14 WA Nationals Chanpionships – Boat Transport (Updated 17/09/2013)

24 March 2013

The Organiser of the Melb-Perth-Melb rail container for attendance at the Sabre 2013 Australian Championship in Perth is the Sabre Sailing Association of Victoria Inc.

Online Boat Transport Reservations – Perth 2013/2014

It is expected that 40 ft containers will be used that will hold 9 to 12 boats.
Cost estimates are based on 9 boats per 40 ft container.

The total cost of the return container is estimated to be $600
The applicant agrees to pay this amount in 3 or less instalments.

$200 by midnight 31 May 2013 (mandatory when submitting the Expression of Interest)
$200 by midnight 30 September 2013
$200 by midnight 1 December 2013

The Organiser will refund the difference between $600 and actual cost if actual cost is less than $600.

At the discretion of the Organiser, the boat owner may be required to pay any shortfall between actual cost and $600.

The Organiser will endeavour to provide container space for all applicants but reserves the right to refund monies paid to applicants if there is insufficient boats to economically fill a container.
Such refunds will be applied in reverse order of applying for container space through this reservation system.

It is the owner’s responsibility to have his/her boat at the container loading locations in Melbourne and Perth on the dates to be advised by the Organiser.

Reservations are open to non-Victorian boats as long as they meet container loading requirements (above).

  1. Delivery of empty containers would be by the Friday before (at the latest) the loading weekend around 13 Dec. loading to take place 14/15 December
  1. Pickup of loaded container would be Monday or Tuesday after the weekend, delivery in WA would be by the 24 Dec
  1. Use same container for both trips, container will stay at the club
  1. General rule is containers get reloaded straight after the last race
  1. Containers can go any time back to Melbourne and should go together. If most of us are going to have a week in WA then we send a week later