SSAA meets with Brett Young from YMS

11 September 2014

Last week, the office bearers of the SSAA got together for a meeting at which we invited well known Sabre builder Brett Young of YMS to present his views and ideas. Brett has been building Sabres for 27 years, and has a strong background in measurement rules and processes.

Many of you will be aware that Brett has been quite vocal over the past year in relation to his concerns regarding the Sabre measurement rules and the absence of a requirement that builders and moulds be licensed by the Association. We therefore felt that the best outcome was to invite Brett to a meeting where we could hear his input in detail and discuss the issues.

It was a good meeting with quite a lot of ground covered and it was good to see that we had consensus with many ‚Äì indeed most of Brett‚Äôs ideas. Others will need more thought. Obviously any new proposals or rule changes will need to go to the state associations for voting. Click here for the minutes of the meeting & Brett‚Äôs material presented ahead of the meeting (Link to be published when George gets back !)