Opening Day Series Heat 4 – MYC 2017

08 October 2017

Unseasonably cold weather finally broke this afternoon in Perth with the re-appearance of the sun and a light sea breeze strengthened a little to around 10 knots – in the gusts. Thirteen Sabres faced the starter, the visiting Sabres (mostly) starting on starboard and (mostly) local MYC sailors starting on port tack. Some serious wind shifts were immediately apparent, but visitors Tony Carr and David Meehan read them best to take a narrow lead at the top mark from Gavin Davies, Pete Johnston and Chris Holyday.

These five boats enjoyed some close racing around the whole first lap, however Tony and Dave gave up their narrow lead when they headed to St Anne’s Mark instead of returning to Club buoy to begin the windward and return legs. They quickly realised their mistake but Gavin, Chris and Pete took over the lead. All five boats were still neck and neck on the work back to the top mark and the run back to Club mark with the lead changing depending on who read the wind shifts best.

At the top Mark for the last time, Chris took a narrow lead in C3 from Gavin in Dark Horse with Tony Carr in A Salt Weapon right on their transoms.

C3 held on to its narrow lead on the long final circuit to Aerodrome and Maylands marks and return to St Annes for the final time – two long reaches over that part of our upriver course at Maylands are very testing for visiting sailors, so Chris being the local sailor, held a comfortable break on the run to the finish line – with Tony, Gavin and Pete fighting it out right to the end.

Final top 5 placings were:

1. 2042 C3 – Chris Holyday/MYC
2. 1897 A Salt Weapon – Tony Carr/PDSC
3. 1889 Dark Horse – Gavin Davies/PDSC
4. 1930 On Fire – Pete Johnston/EFYC
5. 1671 Where’s Wal – Bruce Lee/MYC

MYC was pleased to host the Sabres, our largest fleet today, and thanks are extended to WA Sabres and those visitors who made the day so enjoyable with friendly racing and fun sailing the hallmark of these wonderful boats.

Chris Holyday

Overall Results after Heat 4

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