Home built Sabres – September 2020

08 September 2020

The development of light, strong marine plywood and good waterproof glues some 50 years ago allowed the creation of the 41kg amateur built Sabre hull. However, now most boats are professionally built in FRP which has the advantage of less maintenance plus greater stiffness, generally resulting in a quicker hull. 

Nevertheless, many sailors still prefer to build their own boats using a blend of materials including marine ply. They can be quite beautiful, less expensive and most enjoyable to build. 

The Sabre Sailing Association of Australia (SSAA) has spent considerable time and effort in producing CNC files to produce Mylar templates and shaped ply panels which will assist builders in making a nicely shaped, competitive hull. These files can be obtained at a small cost from our secretary, Barry Eastgate at [email protected]

 SSAA has also recently been working with Tim Heaney of Frecheville Heaney Boatbuilders located in Paynesville, Vic www.fhboats.com.au to add to the Association’s construction notes. While maintaining the same measurement rules applying to all Sabres, it guides the amateur builder to produce a stiffer and more competitive wooden boat. To make construction easier, Frecheville Heaney provides Sabre building kits ranging from materials only (and some of the best ply and timber is difficult now to independently source), through to semi-finished and to completed hulls. The materials can be ply and timber only through to composite frp/foam/timber. See http://www.fhboats.com.au/page.php?p=401

Tim says that a boat kit has recently been ordered during the corona virus shut down, by a family that is using the time to experience building a boat to be ready for next season.