New South Australian Sabre Committee hits the ground running

23 September 2020

At the very resent South Australian Sabre Sailing Association AGM new key officers were elected. The new committee has the following key members Chris Pritchard (President), Garry Loughhead (Vice President), Alex Hayter (Secretary), Kelvin Jeanes (Treasurer) with Peter Wilcox continuing on as the Associations Public Officer. 

Since the AGM committee meetings have occurred promptly and further members have been approached. The newly elected and co-opted members bring a wide range of both sailing and administration experience and knowledge to the table and are looking forward to supporting the class in the navigating the association through these challenging times. 

An up to date key committee contacts list for this coming season havenow also been hosted on this website and state association members will begin to the receive e-newsletters very soon advising them about the draft season’s calendar. 

The on-water activities begin Sunday September 27th with a training day at Port River Sailing Club, further details information via e-newsletter very soon. 

Brenton Evans

SA Website Manager