29 September 2020

The preseason training day was well attended with 9 boats on the water and 13 Sabre sailors from each of the metropolitan Sabre clubs. Measuring of sails and foils and a skills information session was conducted before a BBQ lunch, after which the wind picked up to an ideal 7-10 Knots for on-water practice.

Craig McPhee generously conducted the training sessions focusing on mast rake, rig tension, centre board position, sail tuning and setting and avoiding slowing the boat with the rudder by correct use of body weight and body positioning.

The on-water session was done on a short course set up with 360 degree turns to keep the group together and reinforce the importance of turning the boat with body weight rather than the rudder. A number of races kept everyone very busy adjusting sails and showed up the importance of correct use of body weight.

Craig’s feedback was that people had become rusty with tacking over the winter and needed to improve body positioning, but there was some good downwind work and roll gybing done.

Everyone was tired at the end of the day after a hard workout on the water and all learned a great deal. Many thanks to Craig and the Port River sailing Club for a great day to kick off the season.

The Association also took the opportunity to present Craig McPhee his State Titles perpetual trophy after the Covid driven sudden end to last season. 

Kelvin Jeanes and Chris Pritchard