SA State Championships 2020/21

19 March 2021

The South Australian Sabre State Championships were concluded on Sunday 14 March.  Heats were conducted at Port River Sailing Club, Adelaide Sailing Club and Somerton Yacht Club.  Notwithstanding Covid lockdowns and endless strong wind over summer all heats were sailed in good conditions.  The final results were


1st Flite Craig McPhee

2nd Cool Change 5 Kelvin Jeanes

3rd Tiger Dean Francis

1st Grand Master Craig McPhee

1st Veteran Kelvin Jeanes

1st Grand Veteran Dean Francis


1st Yimei Rob Wright

2nd Black Jack John Inns

3rd Gert Lush Chris Pritchard

Thank you to all the volunteers at the host clubs and to all the competitors that made it a series.

Chris Prichard